Fluvanna Free Library Launches Local Artists Program

The Fluvanna Free Library has started a program which features the work of local artists each month.

According to Freida Dewey, Fluvanna Free Library assistant, she suggested the idea to feature artists in the library during a board meeting as a way to increase attendance to the library and its events. The exhibits at the library will run for a month each, and a new artist or group who utilizes a different media will be featured each time.

“We wanted to do something in the library that would bring more people in,” said Dewey. “Hopefully we will get some other people who have different talents.”

The first artist the library will feature is Jennifer Raynor, a 2000 graduate of Clymer High School, a portrait photographer. Examples of her work will be on display at the Fluvanna Free Library for the month of May. Raynor will host a meet and greet with drawings and refreshments on Saturday, May 11, from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“It’s my first exhibit, and I’m very excited and anxious,” said Raynor. “It’s a good way to get my name out there, and a way to bring people into the library too.”

Raynor, who is a self-taught photographer, was selected by Christine Anderson, Fluvanna Free Library director, to be the library’s first artist in a new monthly series that focuses on area artists with a range of talents. Dewey is Raynor’s grandmother, and made the suggestion to Anderson that Raynor should be the first artist featured.

“I love Jennifer’s photography, and I think it’s great to have someone in the family who has an art that we can feature.” said Dewey. “I’ve watched her from day one, so I’m in a good situation to see her improvement, and I recommend her.”

Raynor’s first client, Melpo Nelson, who has since become a close friend of Raynor’s, traveled from Orangeburg, S.C., to help celebrate Raynor’s exhibit. The two became friends after Raynor posted photos she took of her own children to www.cafemom.com, an online meeting place for mothers.

“She catches something that is just gorgeous,” said Nelson. “Jennifer posted photos of her boys, and I wanted pictures that looked like hers.”

Raynor lives in Jamestown, where she has a studio on Buffalo Street, with her husband, Ryan and her two sons, Alec and Dakota.

The Fluvanna Free Library is located at 3532 Fluvanna Ave. in Jamestown. For more information call 487-1773 or visit www.cclslib.org/fluvanna.