Village Center Opens In Findley Lake; Wide Range Of Items Available

FINDLEY LAKE – Coffee, antiques and local artwork come together under one roof in a quaint new Findley Lake store.

Village Center, located next to the Findley Lake Volunteer Fire Department on Main Street, opened its doors Wednesday. According to Bill Simpkins, sales manager, many people went through the store on its opening day. The store will host a grand opening Saturday.

“We basically opened (Village Center) because the Bird’s Nest went out and we just wanted to have somebody in the building,” Simpkins said. “We’re not looking to make a lot of money, but we co-op it with a lot of antiques and vendors. We put coffee back in here, along with some pastries and desserts, just to kind of be one more draw to the town.”

The store is host to approximately 22 vendors, one of which from as far away as Pittsburgh, Pa. The vendors have a variety of furniture, collectables, home decor and artwork throughout the store. Additionally, the front of the shop has a coffee shop, as well as seating for a chance to take a rest.

Items in the shop range from $1 to around $1,400, according to Simpkins. And, although there are a variety of vendors to choose from, confusion is avoided with only one central location to pay, as it is all manned by Village Center employees.

“There’s nothing similar to this in town,” Simpkins said. “It’s just an easy, inexpensive, cool thing to do. It’s not really costing us any inventory. It allows local people to participate.”

Village Center is owned by Larry Gross, owner of Our Own Candle Company, located on North Road in Findley Lake. The store opens at 7 a.m. for people looking to get their coffee fix, with the shop portion opening at 9 a.m. Sunday store hours are 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

The grand opening of Village Center will be Saturday, beginning at 7 a.m.