CLCS Wins HS Bowl Matches

Chautauqua Lake Central School defeated Randolph Central School, 88-83, in a recent WJTN High School Bowl match at Jamestown Community College.

Molly Hindman of Chautauqua Lake and Adam Ditcher of Randolph shared Player of the Match honors.

In another match, Chautauqua Lake defeated Sherman Central School 96-68. Emilie Christie of Chautauqua Lake was named Player of the Match.

Members of the Chautauqua Lake team also included Sam Snyder, Mariana Mathewson, Luciana Sena and Anthony Pezzulo. The team is coached by Mary Jantzi and Kim Sweet.

Randolph team members, coached by Jen Bieniek, included Nolan Ditcher, Peter Vincent, Bethany Carr and Rebecca Tally.

Sherman was represented by Nick Hlifka, Ryan Carpenter, Bryan Tenpas, Alex Anderson, Kimmy Pacy and Rebekah Anderson.

High School Bowl airs at 12:10 p.m. Saturdays on radio station WJTN and at 8 a.m. on Sundays on radio station WWSE.