Doesn’t The Public Have The Right To Know?

To the Readers’ Forum:

A year ago (or possibly longer), a for-profit organization came to WCA and bought their dialysis unit. Its name is DaVita. DaVita has been working diligently to make things so much better, safer and as you will, ”patient friendly.” I do find it very interesting when all of this began, that the patients were not told, however, no one was allowed to say too much. How would you feel if you were a dialysis patient and all of a sudden all these new faces showed up to work with you? You see, each day you go to dialysis, you soon learn it is one more day of life given to you.

After at least three to four months, a verification letter came out to the patients from Betsy Wright. Just a formal announcement stating DaVita was ”in the process of taking over.” This letter came after three to four months of patients worrying and waiting for someone to explain the unexplained changes to them. Here it is six months later (at least) and the public has not been notified. Why? When I asked I was told that the final approval of all was still not complete. This seems confusing. DaVita is there – staff, uniforms, management, rules, regulations. They are here to stay.

Yes, I am a dialysis patient and I will be the first to say no one likes changes. However, as the time has gone by (at least a year or close to it) and DaVita has been there, I can say I am happy that DaVita ”opted” to go with our community. Yes, there are new faces along with ”our” own nurses and staff that do one heck of a job (along with others). There are some really positive changes and some new techniques. DaVita definitely has the patient care come first. So with all of that, thanks DaVita and welcome to the Jamestown area.

Sandra Kleinfeld