Four Double Winners Pace CSP Girls’ Victory Over Gowanda

CLYMER – Four athletes showed the way as Clymer-Sherman-Panama topped Gowanda, 72-60, in Division 1 girls track on Tuesday.

Ashley Beckwith, Shantel McCart, Alexandria Anderson and Rebecca King doubled for Clymer.

Beckwith placed first in the 100 (14.2) and the triple jump (29-6), McCart captured the 200 (27.7) and the 400 (1:04.4) and Anderson the shot put (28-5) and the discus (75) CSP(1-2).

King doubled in the 800 (2:34.6) and the 1,500 (5:11) also for CSP.

3,200: Gowanda (C. Steward, S. Grubbs, T. Kickbush, H. Samuelson). T – 11:11.5.

100 hurdles: K. Eddy (G), Cassandra Treacle (CSP), Shantel McCart (CSP). T – 19.8.

100: Ashley Beckwith (CSP), E. Weyand (G), C. Thomas (CSP). T – 14.2.

1,500: Rebecca King (CSP), C. Steward (G), K. Pacy (C). T – 5:11.

400 relay: Gowanda (M. Torres, K. Eddy, H. Brawdy, E. Weyand). T – 1:00.5.

400: McCart (CSP), T. Kickbush (G), H. Brawdy (G). T – 1:09.7.

400 hurdles: H. Samuelson (G), C. Treacle (CSP), S. Nickerson (CSP). T – 1:13.7.

800: King (C), S. Grubbs (G), Z. Charrette (CSP). T – 2:34.6.

200: McCart (CSP), T. Kickbush (G), K. Eddy (G), T – 27.7.

3,000: Holly Eliason (CSP), Pacy (CSP), C. Steward (G). T – 11:27.4.

1,600 relay: CSP (Beckwith, Treacle, King, McCart). T – 4:30.9.

High jump: S. Grubbs (G), K. Eddy (G), A. Manwaring (CSP). D – 4-4.

Long jump: M. Torres (G), E. Weyand (G), Ally Strickland (CSP). D – 12-6.

Triple jump: Beckwith (CSP), H. Brawdy (G), P. Michael (CSP). D -29-6.

Shot put: Alexandria Anderson (CSP), K. Herniman (G), N. Johnson (CSP). D – 28-5.

Discus: Anderson (CSP), H. Fardink (CSP), N. Johnson (CSP). D – 75.


Maple Grove played host to Westfield and Portville in Division 3 and the Lady Red Dragons had a successful day with a pair of victories as they rolled to a 103-38 win over the Lady Wolverines and a 102-39 outcome over the Lady Panthers.

For Maple Grove, Megan Marsh was a double winner in the 400 meters (103.3) and the 800 meters (2:36.6).

3,200M: Maple Grove (Benson, Pietrocarlo, Norris, MMarsh). T – 10:58.1

100 hurdles: Warner (W), Lee (P), GEmley (P). T – 18.5

100M: Christina Walter (MG), Caroline Walter (W), MKnapp (W). T – 12.8

1,500M: Caroline Benson (MG), Ally Saar (MG), Abele (W). T -5:55.6

400 relay: Portville (Edwards, Mason, Wyant, Lee). T – 56.2

400M: Megan Marsh (MG), Walter (MG) Ziaggi (P). T – 103.3.

400 hurdles: T.Lee (P), ESwanson (MG), SPardue (MG). T – 1:16

800M: Marsh (MG), Saar (MG), Simon (P). T – 2:36.6.

200M: Caroline Walter (MG), Knapp (W), Clauson (MG). T – :28

3,000M: Hope Pietrocarlo (MG), Taylor Norris (MG), Benson (MG). T -11:29.8.

1,600 relay: Maple Grove. T – 4:38.3.

Discus: Kyla Prindle-Cassidy (MG), Manzella (W), Nicole Hemminger (MG). D – 84-9.

Shot put: Mathews (W), Manzella (W), Hemminger (MG). D – 26-3.

Long jump: Edwards (P), Katie Braund (P), Wyant (P). D – 12-10.

Pole vault: Emily Swanson (MG), Sara Stawitzky (MG), Emley (P). H – 7-3.

High jump: MWarner (W), Swanson (MG), Simon (P). H – 4-8.

Triple jump: Simon (P), Braund (MG), Eonang (P). D – 30-2.


MAYVILLE – The Allegany-Limestone Lady Gators won 10 of 11 running events en route to a 96-45 non-league victory over Chautauqua Lake.

Holly Nelson (100-meter hurdles), Sarah Rusin (long jump) and Libby Carlson (shot) posted individual wins for the Lady Thunderbirds.

3200m relay: Allegany-Limestone. T-NA.

100 hurdles: Holly Nelson (CL), Allegany Limestone, Allegany-Limestone. T-19.1.

100: Allegany-Limestone, Courtney Zentz (CL), Allegany-Limestone. T-13.5.

1500: Allegany-Limestone, Allegany-Limestone, Sadie Novak (CL). T-5:29.

400: Courtney Vaughn (Allegany-Limestone), Mary Schmitz (CL), Sarah Russin (CL). T-1:06.3.

400 intermediate hurdles: Allegany-Limestone, Nelson (CL), Bree Girdlestone (CL). T-1:15.

800: Allegany-Limestone, Allegany-Limestone, Allegany-Limestone. T-2:43.

200: Allegany-Limestone, Allegany-Limestone, Abbi Baker (CL). T-28.5.

3000: Allegany-Limestone, Allegany-Limestone, Novak (CL). T-12:08.8.

400 relay: Allegany-Limestone. T-56.1.

1600 relay: Allegany-Limesetone. T-4:39.3.

Long jump: Russin (CL), Girdlestone (CL), Stephanie Foster (A-L). D-13-6.

Triple jump: Foster (A-L), Rachael Fortney (CL), Zentz (CL). T-29-7.

High jump: Sarah DeCopia (A-L), Holly Nelson (CL), Allison Watson (A-L). H-4-8.

Pole vault: Brenna Gelen (A-L), Fortney (CL), Alley Lipper (A-L). H-8-6.

Shot: Libby Carlson (CL), Calista Smith (CL), Alexia Chamberlin. D-25-1.

Discus: Haileigh Green (A-L), Madyson Green (A-L), Sydney Emily (A-L). D-70-7.


SINCLAIRVILLE – Hope Zielinski was a triple winner, but in the end it was not enough as Cassadaga Valley fell to Cattaraugus-Little Valley, 88-44, in Division 2.

In the field events, Zielinski won the shot put (23-6) and the high jump (4-4). She also won the 200-meter dash with a time of 30.9.

Meanwhile, Brittney Johnston won the 400 (1:13) and Kendra Dorman won the triple jump (26-11). Krystalyn LeBarron won the 100 hurdles when she crossed the finish line in 20.1.

The Lady Cougars also took on Randolph and fell, 103-7.

McKenna Maycock was a quadruple winner for the Lady Cardinals while McKenzie Evans won three events and Taylor Dechow two.

Maycock captured the 100 hurdles (16.1), the 1,500 (5:27.8), the shot put (30-0) and the high jump (4-10); Evans took the 100 (13.8), the long jump (14-3) and the triple jump (30-8); and Dechow crossed the finish line first in the 400 hurdles (1:15) and the 200 meters (28.7).

3200 relay: Randolph, Catt. LV. T – 11:08.3

400 relay: Randolph, Catt. LV. T – :54.8

1600 relay: Randolph. T – 4:41.3

100 hurdles: McKenna Maycock (R), Taylor Dechow (R), LeBarron (CV). T – 16.1

100: Makenzie Evans (R), Kelsey Smith (R), Taryn Dechow (R). T – 13.8

1500: McKena Maycock (R), Halle Leinhart (R), Courtney Brown (R). T – 5:27.8

400: Mikala Brooks (R), Reagan Minte (R), Brittney Johnston (CV). T – 1:07.4

400 hurdles: Taylor Dechow (R), Tayrn Dechow (R), Courtney Brown (R). T – 1:15.0

800: Alexis Inman (R), Elizabeth Roosa (R), Johnston (CV). T – 2:42.2

200: Taylor Dechow (R), Michaela Brooks (R), Kelsey Smith (R). T – 28.7

3000: Megan Steward (R), Kelly Vincent (R), Erica Carnahan (R). T – 11:54.9.

shot put: McKenna Maycock (R), Tiffany Keys (R), Karley Studley (R). D – 30-0

long jump: Evans (R), Santana France (R), Keys (R). D – 14-3.

high jump: McKenna Maycock (R), Hope Zielinski (CV), Megan Steward (R). H – 4-10

discus: Karley Studley (R), Keys (R), Elizabeth Roosa (R). D – 78-5

triple jump: Evans (R), France (R), Kendra Doorman (CV). D – 30-8 3/4

Pole vault: Brenna McDonald (R), Halle Lienhart (R). H – 8-6.


SALAMANCA – Shae Smith and Alyssa Coustenis were double winners as Salamanca handled Frewsburg, 98-36, in non-league action.

Smith was first in the shot put (30-0) and the high jump (5-0) while Coustenis captured the long jump (14-5) and the pole vault (8-6).

For the Bears, Morgan Scarpino won the 100 hurdles in 17.4 and the triple jump (29-2) while teammate McKenzie Swartzman took the 1,500 meters (5:21.9) and the 800 (2:35.2).

100 hurdles: M. Scarpino (F), Caputi (S), T. Brown (S). T- 17.4

100: H. John (S), Droney (S), Abejon (F). T-:13.6

1500: M. Swartzman (F), Hill (S), Turano (S). T-:5:21.9

400: K. Tome (S), Alianelli (F), John (S). T-1:06.5

400 Hurdles: A. Caputi (S), Jermain (F), Smith (F). T-1:16.8

800: M. Swartzman (F), Smith (S), Bocharski (S). T-2:35.2

200: C. Droney (S), Tome (S), John (S). T-29.00

3000: A. Hill (S), Sohl (F), Turano (S). T-12:43.7

Long jump: A. Coustenis (S), Scarpino (F), Yehl (S). D-14-0.5

Triple jump: Scarpino (F), Yehl (S), Learn (S). D-29-02

Shot put: S. smith (S), Calkins (S), Caputi (S)-. D-30-00

Discus: M. Stellabuto (S), Davis (F), Emborsky (S). D-1-7.5

High jump: S. Smith (S), Yehl (S), Scarpino (F)-. D- 5-0

Pole vault: A. Coustenis (S), Learn (S), T. Brown (S. H- 8-6

3200 relay: Frewsburg (Weber, Sohl, Alianell, Swartzman). T-1:02.1

400 relay: Salamanca (Caputi, John, tome, Droney). T- :55.2

1600 relay: Frewsburg (Jermain, Alianell, Smith, Swartzman)- 4:55.00


DUNKIRK – Brittany Feldman led the way for Southwestern in Division 1.

Feldman won three events as Southwestern recorded an 82-59 victory over Dunkirk.

Feldman took the 200 (12.6), the 400 (59.9) and the high jump (5-1) for the Lady Trojans.

”That’s a very talented program,”said Dunkirk coach A.J. Burnside. ”Feldman is on pace to go to the states for potentially three events.”

Amanda Michalski, Lisa Dunbar and Rachel Rosas won two events for Dunkirk. Michalski captured the long jump (14-9) and the triple jump (33-9), Dunbar was first in the 100 (12.9) and the pole vault (8-6) and Rosas took the 1,500 (5:13.9) and the 800 (2:31.9).