Carpenter, Scouten Lead CSP To Track Win Over Gowanda

CLYMER -Ryan Carpenter and Dylan Scouten paved the way as Clymer-Sherman-Panama (1-2) prevailed over Gowanda, 87-45, in Division 1 boys track on Tuesday.

Carpenter won the 1,600 (5:08.4) and the 800 (2:18) while Scouten was first in the 100 (11.4) and in the 200 (23.6).

Clymer-Sherman-Panama swept the shot put and the discus with Dustin Smouse winning the shot put (38-7) and Jared McMaster the discus (89-5).

For Gowanda, Kevin Fredricson captured the 110 high hurdles (17.8) and the 400 hurdles (1:02.9).

3.200: CSP (Rich Resta, Josh O’Dell, Henry Sullivan, Clay Manwaring). T – 9:03.6.

110 hurdles: Kevin Fredricson (G), John Luden (CSP), Jake Pound (G). T – 17.8.

100: Dylan Scouten (CSP), Nick Maracco (G), Mike Yuchnitz (CSP). T – 11.4.

1,600: Ryan Carpenter (CSP), Nick Ames (CSP), Jonny Shaw (G). T – 5:08.4.

400 relay: CSP (Mike Yuchnitz, Luden, Trevor Gleason, Scouten). T – 47.1.

400: Ben Mytel (G), Dylan Accordino (G), Gleason (CSP). T – 56.9.

400 hurdles: Fredricson (G), Pound (G), Devyn Chase (CSP). T – 1:02.9.

800: Carpenter (CSP), Accordino (G), Jordan Todd (CSP). T – 2:18.

200: Scouten (CSP), Maracco (G), Brennan Geiger (G). t – 23.6.

3,200: O’Dell (CSP), Justin Svetz (CSP), Sullivan (CSP). T – 10;32.

1,600 relay: Gowanda (Mytel, Maracco, Geiger, Fredricson). T – 3:49.4.

High jump: Gleason (CSP), Luden (CSP), David O’Dell (CSP). H – 5-4.

Long jump: Luden (CSP), Scouten (CSP), Geiger (G). D – 19-7.

Triple jump: Shaw (G), D. O’Dell (CSP), Trevor Greco (G). D – 36.3.

Shot put: Dustin Smouse (CSP), Jon Spacht (CSP), Brandon Metzer (CSP). D – 38-7.

Discus: Jared McMaster (CSP), Jared Heiser (CSP), Tom Hoch (CSP). D – 89-5.


SALAMANCA – Host Salamanca and Frewsburg finished with a 70-70 tie in Division 2.

Alex Elderkin was a triple winner for Frewsburg in the high jump, long jump and triple jump while Chase Gregory captured the shot put and discus.

For Salamanca, Evan Harrington won the 100 hurdles and the 200, Joe Hinman was first in the 800 and 400, and Haick won the 1,600 and 3,200.

3200 relay: Salamanca (B. Shaul, J. Lane, A. Fenton, J. Hinman). T-9:37.2

110 hurdles: E. Harrington (S), B. Braker (S), J. Blanchard (F). T-15.9

100: T. Adelgren (F), D. Adelgren (F), A. Santiago (S). T-11.6

1600: J. Haick (F), P. Luce (S), L. Lynn (F). T-5:26.5

400 relay: Salamanca (F. Reynolds, S. Seitz, A. Santiago, E. Harrington). T-:46.2

400: J. Hinman (S), A. Santiago (S), F. Reynolds (S). T-55.6

400 hurdles: B. Braker (S), J. Blanchard (F), V. Bravo (S). T-1:06.5

800: J. Hinman (S), J. Smith (F), J. Mongillo (S). T-2:18.8

200: E. Harrington (S), T. Adelgren (F), F. Reynolds (S). T-:25.1

3200: J. Haick (F), B. Braker (S), P. Luce (S). T-1:48.7

1600 relay: Salamanca (J. Hinman, F. Reynolds, A. Santiago, S. Seitz). T-3:55.6

Pole vault: S. Seitz (S), S. McDonald (F). H-12-0

Shot put: C. Gregory (F), S. Connell (S), M. Nelson (F). D-34-08.50

Discus: C. Gregory (F), H. Nelson (F), S. Hoag (F). D-111-04

High jump: A. Elderkin (F), S. Seitz (S), J. Nelson (F). H- 6-03.50

Long jump: A. Elderkin (F), J. Nelson (F), A. Fenton (S). D-19-03.25

Triple jump: A. Elderkin (F), D. Adelgren (F), J. Nelson (F). D-39-05


Maple Grove (2-1, 3-3) played host to Portville and Westfield in a Division 3 and it was Portville which picked up a pair of victories, topping the host team, 90-51, and the Wolverines, 97-39.

The Red Dragons did get a victory over Westfield, 95-44.

Joe Peace was a triple winner for Portville, taking first in the 100 meters (11.4), the 200 meters (23.4) and the long jump (18-7) and teammate Evan Wilbur doubled in the shot put (46-3) and the discus (116-6).

3,200 relay: Maple Grove (Cala, F. Zuroski, N. Zuroski, C. Wefing). T – 9:31.5

110 hurdles: Mike Lukomski (P), Jordan Imm (W), Dan Wenki (P). T- 16.7

100M: Joe Peace (P), Ryan Braund (MG), Curtis Caya (P). T – 11.4

1,600M: Corey Wefing (MG), Zack Blask (P), Matt Nelson (MG). T – 4:32.9

400 relay: Portville (Waugh, Caya, Miller, Peace), Maple Grove, Westfield. T -47.6

400M: Kody Miller (P), Isaac Hilyer (P), Corey Pietrocarlo (MG). T – 55.4

400 hurdles: Dan Wenke (P), T.J. Bihler (MG), Chase Swetland (P). T – 1:04.1.

800M: Zack Blask (P), Nick Zuroski (MG) Matt Nelson (MG). T – 2:14.1

200 M: Peace (P), Caya (P), Ryan Braund (MG) T – 23.4

3,200M: G. Vancuren (P), Frank Zuroski (MG), Bradley Bihler (MG). T – 10:39.8

1,600 relay: Portville, Maple Grove, Westfield. T – 3:45.7

Long jump: Peace (P), Chris Cockram (W), Mitchell Sandberg (MG). D – 18-7

Triple jump: Mitchell Sandberg (MG), Wenke (P), Pardue (MG). D – 37-0

High jump: Imm (W), Hilyer (P), Dyllan Robinson (W) and Wenke (P). H – 5-8

Pole vault: Chase Swetland (P), Bradley Benson (MG), Bihler (MG). H -9-0

Shot put: Wilbur (P), Mike Okerlund (W), Imm (W), D -43-6

Discus: Wilbur, (P), Jake Gray (W), Imm (W). D -116-6.


WEST VALLEY – Tareek Hannold and Austin Ormond were double winners for unbeaten Falconer (4-0, 7-0) in Division 2.

Hannold took first in the 400 (56.5) and the 200 (23.8) and Ormond the 3,200 (11:09) and the 1,600 (4.56.3) as the Golden Falcons easily prevailed over West Valley-Ellicottville, 98-42 and non-league Franklinville, 86-55.

Josh Fisher won the 110 high hurdles with a time of 16.3 for Falconer.

Alex Steinbronner was a triple winner for the hosts with firsts in the 100 (11.4) and triple jump (39-1).

3,200 relay: Falconer (Ross, Norris, Pischera,Hannold). T – 9:21.

110 hurdles: Josh Fisher (F), Grimols (WV), Beckerink (F). T – 16.3.

100: Alex Steinbronner (WV), Jackson (WV), Dustin (F). T – 11.4.

1,600: Austin Ormond (F), Dachane (WV), Tomblin (WV). T – 4:56.3.

400 relay: Falconer (Dustin, Jackson, Hannold, Middleton). T – 47.2.

400: Hannold (F), Proctor (WV), Middleton (F). T – 56.5.

Long jump: Proctor (WV), Boberg (WV), Card (WV). D – 16-7.

Discus: Erickson (F), Earle (F), Newman (F). D – 118-8.

High jump: Beckerink (F), Card (WV), Johnson (F). H – 5-2.

400 hurdles: Dustin (F), Grinmols (WV), Beckerink (F). T – 1:03.1.

800: Ross (F), Pischera (F), Lee (F), T – 2:18.

200: Hannold (F), Steinbronner (WV), Williams (F). T – 23.8.

Triple jump: Steinbronner (WV), Fisher (F), Rockwood (WV). D – 39.1.

Shot put: Penhollow (F), McDonald (F), Earle (F). D – 37-6.

Pole vault: Brandon Teboe (F), Ross (F). H – 11-6.

3,200: Ormond (F), Dechane (WV), Pischera (F). T – 11.09.

1,600 relay: Falconer (Ross, Dustin, Norris, Middleton). T – 3:52.4.


SINCLAIRVILLE -Josh Juenemann recorded four wins for Cattaraugus-Little Valley in Division 2.

Juenemann won the 100 (11.7), the 400 (53.9), the 200 (23.5) and the triple jump (36-6) as C-LV prevailed over Cassadaga Valley, 116-24.

Hunter Phinney also was a double winner with firsts in the 1,600 (4:52.1) and the 3,200 (10:37.6) for C-LV.

Ron Brown took the 110 hurdles (17.2) and the Andrew Desaulniers the shot put (32-3) for Cassadaga Valley.

110 hurdles: Ron Brown (CV), Jeremiah Solecki (C-LV), Robert Blakeley (C-LV). T – 17.2.

100: Josh Juenemann (C-LV), Nate Reynolds (C-LV), Andrew Desaulniers (CV). T – 11.7.

1,600: Hunter Phinney (C-LV), Gil Keena (C-LV), William Sischo (CV). T – 4:52.1.

400: Juenemann (C-LV), Matt Gastomski (C-LV), Nelson Barker (CV). T – 53.9.

400 hurdles: Solecki (C-LV), Gabe Gray (C-LV), Brown (CV). T – 1:02.

800: Matt Reynolds (C-LV), Austin Schwab (CV), Payton Washburn (C-LV). T – 2:19.3.

200: Juenemann (C-LV), Brown (CV), Caleb Hibit (C-LV). T – 23.5.

3,200: Phinney (C-LV), Keenen (C-LV), Sischo (CV). T – 10:37.6.

Long jump: Tony Lecceardone (C-LV), Solecki (C-LV), Jacob Schawley (C-LV). D – 16-9.

Triple jump: Juenenmann (C-LV), Caleb Hibit (C-LV), Brown (CV). H – 5-4.

Shot put: Desaulniers (CV), Jaime Belzile (C-LV), Cole Moore (C-LV). D – 32-3.

Discus: Belzine (C-LV), Moore (C-LV), Desaulniers (CV). D – 105-2.

3,200 relay: Cattaraugus-Little Valley (Matt Reynolds, Washburn, Gastomski), Sam Ritchie). T – 9:59.9.

400 relay: Cattaraugus-Little Valley (Anthony Bernard, Schawley, Hibit, N. Reynolds). T – 50.1.

1,600 relay: Cattaraugus-Little Valley (Gastomski, Gabe Grey, M. Reynolds, Kyle Morton). T – 4:02,.7.


DUNKIRK – Jordan Powers and Alec Peck combined for five wins in Southwestern’s 82-59 loss to Dunkirk in Division 1.

Powers was a triple winner in the 110 hurdles (16.6), the 400 hurdles (1:01.1) and the pole vault (9-6). Peck, meanwhile, took the long jump (19-3) and triple jump (39-6).

Nick Barlette and Rashad Graham doubled for Dunkirk. Barlette won the 100 in a personal best 10.9 and the 200 in 23.7.

Graham was first in the 400 (54.5 ) and the high jump (5-8) for the Marauders.

With the loss, Southwestern is 2-2 on the season.