Mark Holthouse fired a 46 as Big Tree turned back Ripley, 306-298, in the Western Chautauqua County Trap League.

Viki Rapela was the high lady with a 43, Cliff Hammer the high senior veteran with a 44, Cole Hammer the high junior with a 42, Tony Piotrowski the high veteran with also a 42 and Joey Rapela the highest sub junior with a 35 for Big Tree.

Howard Maille drilled a 46, senior Jim Carris a 42 and senior veteran Jim Carris a 38 for Ripley.

Danny Ficarra hit a 46 as Westfield downed Ellery, 298-234.

Collyn Brown was the top junior score with a 42, Tom Corbran a super senior top score with a 41, Rose Corbran the top lady with a 39, Mike Cluchey the leading senior veteran score with a 38 and Emily Norton was the top sub junior score with a 26 for Westfield.

BIG TREE (306): Mark Holthouse 46, Dennis Trostle 44, Cliff Hammer 44, Vicki Rapela 43, Cole Hammer 42, Tony Piotrowski 42.

RIPLEY (298): Howard Maille 46, Mark Henry 44, Bob Murray 43, Jim Carris 42, Marc Babcock 42, Wayne Babcock 41, Jack Mosier 40.

WESTFIELD (298): Danny Ficarra 46, Vern Brown I 45, Ted Blanchard 43, Collyn Brown 42, Tom Corbran 41, Vince Norton 41, Butch Ficarra 40.

ELLERY (234): Ron Harmon 45, Don Johnson 39, 5 blinds of 30s.