Misrepresentation Of Wonderful People

To The Reader’s Forum:

Reading multiple newspapers and television reports over the last several days, I would like those who did not know the Skinnner’s my perspective.

The choice of what words and television snippets utilized over the past several days creates insinuations which lead to a false picture. Here are the examples, “ex-marine”, a greater truth would be “a marine served for his country during Viet Nam”. “Man and women” true but what is a greater truth they were a loving married couple. Law enforcement this is “not a random act, but targeted”. Again the implication is those dear folks are somehow associated with nefarious actions with those who took their lives.

True Joyce worked “out of town.” Yes Jamestown is outside of Frewsburg. Many from this community had the joy of working with Joyce. She personified professionalism. She was a person who cared about others. Her weekly in bake goods made work, home like. Her inner circle was especially tight, she helped two veterans get help for posttraumatic stress disorder. She was a breast cancer survivor, who coached others going through the same. She often said we spent so much time as work – we were like family. Joyce listened to us deal with our ups and downs, she looked out for us. She shared in our children’s lives by remembering them at holidays, bringing in newspaper clippings, and shared in their graduations and updates on their lives.

These are wonderful people who became part of our families, and will be dearly missed.

Kevin Murphy