Audubon Center To Present Series On Wildflowers

Wildflowers are one of nature’s wonders and new ones pop up each week during the spring.

The Audubon Center & Sanctuary is offering the opportunity to get an in-depth look at wildflower biology, edibility, photography and more through a series of classes and field trips throughout the region.

Beginning May 1, on Wednesday evenings from 7-9 p.m. classes on wildflowers will be held at the center. They will be followed by field trips from 1-3 p.m. Saturdays to find the flowers described in the classes. Participants are welcome to come to any or all of the classes and walks; it is not necessary to attend the class to participate in the walk.

Class and walk leaders include Audubon staffers Jeff Tome, senior naturalist, Jennifer Schlick, program director, and Katie Finch, teacher naturalist, and biology professors Becky Nystrom from Jamestown Community College and Jon Titus from the State University at Fredonia.

Wednesday classes and Saturday field trips are:

May 1 class, Wildflower ABCs: The introductory class will feature the kinds of field guides and apps available and let people practice using them as the group looks at some basic spring flowers. The instructor is Jeff Tome

May 4 field trip, Ander’s Run, Irvine, Pa.: The short walk is full of flowers, from trilliums to Trailing Arbutus. It is a moderate hike. The instructor is Jeff Tome

May 8 class, The Art of Wildflower Photography: Learn how to use a camera to take photos of wildflowers. The instructor is Jennifer Schlick

May 11 field trip, JCC’s Hundred Acre Lot, Jamestown: The small, suburban woodlot is filled to the brim with amazing wildflowers, if people know where to look. Walk with Jennifer Schlick to find, photograph and learn about the flowers.

May 15 class, Wildflower Basics: Spring flowers race for the sun. The course is a chance to learn about wildflower biology from a biology expert. The instructor is Becky Nystrom.

May 18 field trip, College Lodge, Brocton: There will be a variety of spring ephemeral wildflowers such as spring beauty, trilliums, toothworts, wild leek, bloodroot, mayapple, trout lily and a number of other species depending upon the weather. There will also be some non-flowering clubmosses. The instructor is Jon Titus.

May 22 class, Wild Edibles: Many wildflowers and their parts can be used as food. Katie Finch will introduce participants to some common wild edibles.

May 25 field trip, Wild Edibles of Bergman Park, Jamestown: People can eat their way through Bergman Park. Katie Finch will lead participants onto the hidden trails and byways in search of wild things to munch.

Field trips will meet at their locations. The maps on Audubon’s website at, can be used to create customized directions.

Walk participants are reminded to dress for the weather. Sturdy boots are recommended especially for the Ander’s Run hike, a short, moderate hike with some hills, stairs and rough terrain. Outdoor apparel is recommended for all field trips.

Classes are limited to 50 people and field trips to 25.

Cost of the classes and field trips is $14 each or $10 for Friends of the Nature Center. A grant from the Cornell Cooperative Extension will decrease the cost of the May 22 class and May 25 field trip to $7 each or $5 for Friends of the Nature Center. The cost for the entire series is $90 or $60 for Friends of the Nature Center.

Reservations with payment are required for the series rate by Thursday. Reservations for individual events are required Mondays prior to classes and Thursdays prior to field trips.

Reservations can be made by calling 569-2345, emailing, or clicking on the Program Listing link at