Anti-Corruption Should Begin With Cuomo

To the Readers’ Forum:

We read, with interest, the article from the April 10 paper describing the new ”Anti-Corruption Measures” proposed by Governor Cuomo.

It is called the ”Public Trust Act.” We believe ”anti-corruption measures” should begin with Mr. Cuomo. The recent ”SAFE Act” – crafted behind closed doors by him and a couple of cronies – was pushed through in the middle of the night without the three days of public review and scrutiny that is required. Many legislature members had not even read the bill (not unusual.) This SAFE Act violates the Second Amendment rights of law abiding citizens. What could be more corrupt than that?

Oh wait … our United States Senate recently debated on gun legislation (we haven’t seen an actual bill) that could change our Constitution and Bill of Rights without going through the lawful process of making any changes or amendments – including no input from American citizens … anti-corruption measures? What a joke – but, we’re not laughing. We’re calling our senators and urging others to do the same! All of our rights and freedoms are under attack – no just ”gun rights!”

Carl and Cheryl Feidler