Clymer FBLA Students To Compete In National Competition

CLYMER – Quick thinking on the part of two Clymer Central School students has earned them a trip to California over the summer.

This is because two student members of the Clymer chapter of Future Business Leaders of America returned from the 49th annual NYS FBLA State Convention, held on April 11-12, as national finalists.

In their competitions, Jessie Kibbe, a freshman, and Kyle Piscitelli, a senior, earned first and second place, respectively. Because each state sends its top two winners of each competitive event to national competitions, Jessie and Kyle will participate in the June finals, which will be held in Anaheim, Calif.

The impromptu events that Jessie and Kyle are competing in include basic decision making and speaking. In the events, students are given 10 minutes to review a topic they have never seen before, and develop a four-minute speech about it, using only notes that they are permitted to write on both sides of a 4-by-6-inch index card.

Jessie’s first-place award in basic decision making came from an impromptu problem solving performance event, in which she was given a business dilemma, and 10 minutes to prepare a solution. She then had four minutes to present the case study, with her proposed solution, to a panel of state judges. Additionally, Jessie also authored the 2013 Clymer FBLA Local Chapter annual business report, earning a second-place state award and qualification for the national convention.

This will be Jessie’s second trip to nationals. As an eighth-grader, she placed second in last year’s national basic decision making competition. Jessie said she is very excited to travel to Anaheim to compete with the best competitors in the nation, and participate in the leadership training and national officer elections this summer.

Kyle won his second-place award in impromptu speaking after preparing a 4-minute speech, drawn from 10 minutes of preparation time, on a topic given to him at the door of the prep room. In his first year of participation in FBLA, competing at the district, state and national level are each new experiences for Kyle.

When asked what he would have done differently, Kyle said that, as a senior, he wishes he had been involved with FBLA from a younger age. He said he would have taken full advantage of all the opportunities that FBLA has to offer, and he has been encouraging the club’s younger members to do the same.

Jessie and Kyle’s participation in the state convention came through both students’ victories at the tri-county competition, which was held at Randolph High School on Feb. 2.

“I am so very proud of the accomplishments of these two students,” said Lisa Perry, Clymer’s FBLA club adviser. “They have worked very hard this year, and have blossomed into strong leaders. Not only did they work diligently to prepare for their own respective competitions, but they both showed their true leadership potentials when they helped get their chapter projects completed for state judging. They have truly set great examples of teamwork for the younger FBLA students to follow.”

The Clymer Chapter earned fifth place in the “Chapter of the Year” competition, which recognizes the most active FBLA chapters in the state each year. This year’s Chapter of the Year competitive event entry was coordinated by Kamryn Rattler and Katie Courtright, seventh-graders. The team that assisted with the completion of that competitive event entry was Jessie Kibbe, Kyle Piscitelli and Jacob Lester.

The chapter also received recognition at the state convention for several state Program of Work awards, including: the NYS FBLA Go Green project; the NYS FBLA Membership Committee, for increasing their chapter membership by 10 percent this year; the Professional Division Challenge; the NYS “Sketch for a Cause” program; and the “President’s Award of Prestige.”