Open Again

The former College Inn has reopened under a new name with the goal of bringing back the neighborhood restaurant and bar.

Coach’s Corner Inn is the new name of the business located at 1118 E. Second St., Jamestown. Chris Sorenson and his brother, Geoff Sorenson, are the owners of the restaurant and tavern. Both brothers are Jamestown natives who were looking for a way to invest back into the community where they were raised.

Chris has been the manager and chef for several local establishments, including Forte Restaurant and the Chautauqua Lake Yacht Club. For the past few years, he has served as the produce quality assurance inspector for Wegmans.

He said when the owner of the College Inn, Ross Cuoco, who was Sorenson’s cousin, passed away, the brothers decided to purchase the property to keep it in the family. After a couple years of renovations, the business reopened on Dec. 21 as a tavern. On March 1, the business started serving food.

“We want to bring back that neighborhood pub again. We will be involved with local sports teams and sponsor Little League teams,” Sorenson said. “We’re a family-friendly place where people can bring their kids. We want our customers to feel like they are at home. It’s not just a bar.”

Sorenson said, during the renovation process, he tried to keep the look of the bar similar to the way the College Inn appeared. He said he wanted to keep the same name, but state laws don’t allow for bars to be named after institutions for higher learning anymore.

“The old College Inn crowd has been coming into the bar. I didn’t realize how many people there were,” he said. “They’re telling great stories of being (Jamestown Community College) students, when the drinking age was 18, and how they would visit the bar between classes. We’re collecting old photos of people at the College Inn and hanging them on the wall.”

The new owners of Coach’s Corner Inn are keeping an old tradition alive – “The Tanker.” The Tanker is a 34-ounce draft beer served in a frosty mug. Patrons who finish 20 Tankers get to join the Tanker Club.

“We’re even grandfathered in old Tanker Club members. They only have to finish 10 Tankers,” Sorenson said. “We have Tanker Tuesdays where we have specials on Tankers and club members have the opportunity to enjoy other specials.”

The restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner, with carry-out orders available. Sorenson said there will be daily specials, but they will change regularly. People can find out the special of the day by visiting Coach’s Corner Inn’s Facebook page.

“The special will depend on what we feel like making, and what is fresh,” he said.

Sorenson said the menu is not your typical bar food. He said they serve ”bar food with a twist.” One example is exotic Fridays when the bar will make items like frog legs, Rocky Mountain oysters or rattlesnake tacos. The bar does serve a signature hamburger and has bacon-flavored chicken wings.

The restaurant and tavern opens at 11 a.m. every day of the week and closes at 1 a.m. during the weeknights and 2 a.m. Friday and Saturday. Sorenson said they serve food until midnight. For more information, call 969-4499.