Celoron downed Carroll, 330-322, and Randolph beat Busti, 337-328, in the Chautauqua County Trap League.

Randolph’s D.M. Bifaro shot the lone 50.

The high lady was Tiffany Decker with 46. The high junior was Tyler Chase with 46 and the high sub junior was Nick Mest with 40. High vets were Dave Kingsley and Bob Faga with 46, the high senior vets were Red Clark and D.J. Bifaro with 48s. The high super senior vet was Gary Sickles with 47.

RANDOLPH (337): D.M. Bifaro, 50, Red Clark, Cal Benson, Jacob Grimm, Dale Speta and D.J. Bifaro, 48, Nate Milford, 47.

BUSTI (328): Charlie Brown, Jake Lindell and Jack Hunt, 48, Dave Weber, Scott McKotch, Tyler Chase and Jim Bessey, 46.

CELORON (330): Brian Ecelberger, 49, Gary Johnson, Kevin Nicklas, Ted Blanchard, Tom Tutmaher and Bill Gross, 47, Dave Kingsley, 46.

CARROLL (322): John Foster and Marty Nelson, 48, Chad Swan and Tom Sleeman, 47, Paul Prentice, 45, Chuck Travis, 44, Erin Estus, 43.