‘Dynamic Duo’

When you see Robert Gray and Robert Scott on the street they don’t look like superheroes, but at WCA Hospital they are the ”Dynamic Duo.”

The two were honored Thursday with WCA Hospital’s 5-Star Award that is given to a volunteer who has donated their time for five years or more and exemplifies the vision and mission of WCA Hospital. In 2012, Gray led the way in the number of hours volunteered with 882. He was followed by Scott, who volunteered 780 hours.

Jessica Hunt, WCA Hospital volunteer coordinator, said the two almost always volunteer together in the radiology department. She said they are known as the ”Dynamic Duo,” because of all the time they work together.

Brenda Ireland, WCA Hospital board of directors chair, said Gray has volunteered for more than 7,900 hours since 2003.

”He keeps spirits high for all he comes in contact with,” she said.

Ireland said Scott has volunteered for more than 7,100 hours helping patients over the years.

”He brings a sensitivity to WCA … he is a priceless gift,” she said.

Scott said he started volunteering when he retired and volunteers three days a week. Gray said the two help move patients around the hospital.

”It is enjoyable joking with them, the patients,” Scott said.

Gray added their volunteer service helps to quickly move patients from room to room.

”We’re able to move them right away … so (the patients) like that,” he said.

Betsy T. Wright, WCA Hospital president and chief executive officer, said the hospital has more than 177 volunteers who donated more than 20,000 hours in 2012.

”You are truly a source of comfort to patients and family members,” she said. ”Our mission has remained the same for 128 years, to improve the health and well-being of the people of Chautauqua County in a way that includes compassion, dedication and commitment to quality. Without you, we can not meet our mission.”