SAFE Act Makes Little Sense

To The Reader’s Forum:

I read the article in The Post Journal about turning in your neighbor to the State Police for a $500.00 dollar taxpayer funded reward if you suspect that he or she might have an illegal weapon or magazine (clip). It doesn’t matter if what your neighbor had was legal prior to the enactment of the SAFE ACT. With one stroke of a pen Andrew Cuomo, in an emergency secret session, has made you and your neighbor and thousands of other law abiding citizens criminals, over night, liable for prosecution. And now he wants us to help him with his ill conceived agenda by turning us all into “RATS.” Shame on you Andrew Como. Get someone else to do your dirty work.

It is frightening to see that one individual, sworn to uphold the constitution and elected by the people, could have so much contempt and disrespect for so many law biding citizens. It is frightening, chilling and pathetic to see that our Governor wants us to wage WAR against our neighbors and destroy the lives of otherwise good, productive, law abiding and decent people for a $500.00 taxpayer funded reward. It is frightening and frustrating to those of us who fought for this country, cherish the Constitution and the second amendment to witness such an assault on our gun rights for reasons that cannot be justified, makes no sense, are purely political in nature, actually produce no meaningful results, and does nothing to discourage certain individuals from committing atrocities that they are committed to carry out.

It has been reported that the “rat on your neighbor hot-line” is receiving 60 to 80 calls per day. Soon to increase to at least 100 calls per day or more. These are individuals hoping to cash in on their $500.00 taxpayer funded reward to do who knows what with the money. Our governor could have saved the taxpayers a considerable amount of money by offering $50.00 instead of $500.00 to the “rat on your neighbor project”. Once our government has established and instilled this type of deviant mentality in our citizens and turned us against one another for a taxpayer reward, one can only imagine what is in store for us next.

Andrew Cuomo in his “State of the State” “stop the madness” address said “We need a gun policy that is reasonable and balanced and measured” and that would respect hunters and sportsman. To that I say please stop the madness! The Second Amendment is not about hunting and putting food on our tables. The purpose was to support the natural right of self defense, resistance to oppression, and the civic duty to act in concert in defense of the state. By admission of his own law enforcement agency responsible for carrying out these needless laws, how in the holy mosses can anyone intelligently say that the Safe Act is fair and balanced and respects the rights of hunters and sportsman when in fact it does nothing to deter the demented and punishes only legal gun owners. It makes about as much sense as putting an artificial limb on a cadaver.

Bruce Piatz