The Chautauqua Co. Trap Summer League kicked off its season in windy conditions.

Busti bested Carroll, 329-320 and Randolph beat Celoron, 336-333.

Busti’s Jake Lindell shot the lone 50 for the evening.

The high lady was Cindy Cable with 47. the high junior was Andrew Hvizdzak with 49 and the high sub juniors were Nick Mest and Brandon Allen with 44. the high super senior vet was Red France with 48, the high senior vet was Red Clark with 48 and the high vets were Fred Callahan and Bob Faga with 49s.

BUSTI (329): Jake Lindell, 50, Kirk Decker and Rex Rater, 48, Clyde Knapp, 47, Dave Sena, 46, Tom Smith and Dick Starks, 45.

CARROLL (320): Fred Callahan, 49, John Foster and Marty Nelson, 47, Dennis Corey and Brill Morris, 45, Russ Estus, 44, Jim Nowacki, 43.

RANDOLPH (336): Marty Gawran and Andrew Hvizdzak, 49, Red Clark, Red France and Paul Hvizdzak, 48, Tom Boire and Ron Gunnell, 47

CELORON (333): Bob Faga, 49, Shane Lindstrom and Kevin Sturzenbecker, 48, Dave Anderson, Brian Ecelberger, Cindy Cable and David Waterman, 47.