Feldman Triples In SWCS Girls Victory Over Olean

Brittany Feldman led Southwestern (3-0, 3-0) past visiting Olean, 94-46, in Division 1 girls track on Tuesday.

Feldman won the high jump (5-2), the 200 (26.8) and the 400 (1:12) as the Lady Trojans captured the meet easily.

Lelly Hoose and Emily Kent also were double winners for Southwestern with Hoose capturing the shot put (26) and the discus (84) and Kent the 1,500 (5:28.4) and 3,000 (11:53.5).

3,200: Southwestern (Cassie Cramer, Jillian Lawton, Katie Lawton, Abbey Andrews). T – 11:09.

100 hurdles: Barr (O), Jackie Gullotti (S), Kelsey Powers (S). T – 17-6.

100: Clemens (O), Heidi Mueller (S), Misty Himes (S). T – 13.8.

1,500: Emily Kent (S, Lexi Minard (O), Sebby Turner (S). T – 5:28.0.

400 relay: Olean (Barr, Singleton, Pablo, Clemens). T – 54.8.

400: Brittany Feldman (S), Nicky Raymond (O), Briana Young (S). T – 1:01.

400 hurdles: Powers (S), Gullotti (S), Hailey Shilling (S). T – 1:12.

800: Cramer (S), J. Lawton (S), Kolodzieski (O). T – 2:41.

200: Feldman (S), Clemens (O), Himes (S). T – 26.8.

3,000: Kent (S), Andrea O’Boyle (S), Maynard (O). T – 11:53.

1,600 relay: Southwestern (Not Available). T – 4:25.7.

Long jump: Singleton (O), Gullotti (S), Barr (O). D – 14.1.

Triple jump: Barr (O), Cramer (S), Abbey Bailey (O). D – 27-10.

High jump: Feldman (S), Dimon Fedrick (S), Himes (S). H – 5-2.

Shot put: Lelly Hoose (S), Maddy Alexander (S), Danielle Kuhn (O). D – 26.

Discus: Hoose (S), Kuhn (O), Allie Snow (O). D – 84.

Pole vault: O’Boyle (S), Sova (O), (tie) Tenent (O)-J. Lawton (S). H – 8.


SINCLAIRVILLE – Rachael Zimmer captured three events while Janae Hamilton added two wins as West Valley-Ellicottville downed Cassadaga Valley (0-3), 99-33, in Division 2.

Zimmer took the 200 (28.4), the 100 hurdles (17.2) and the long jump (14-6), Hamilton the 100 (13.8) and the 400 (1:09.7) for Ellicottville.

Cassadaga Valley received a win in the triple jump with Kendra Dorman recording 29-1 and teammate Heather Zielinski tied Megan Bailey of West Valley-Ellicottville with a 4-4 in the high jump.

3,200: West Valley-Ellicottville (Hannah Dowd, Taylor Williams, Kaitlyn Snayczuk, Kelsey Chai). T – 12:41.6.

400 relay: West Valley-Ellicottville (Jordan Seltzer, Janae Hamilton, Megan Bailey, Rachael Zimmer). T – 54.4.

1,600 relay: West Valley-Ellicottville – (Marissa Hamilton, Seltzer, Bailey, J. Hamilton). T – 4:58.1.

100 hurdles: Zimmer (WV-E), Andrea Gentner (WV-E), Krystalyn LeBarron (CV). T – 17.2.

100: J. Hamilton (WV-E), Bailey (WV-E), M. Hamilton (WV-E). T – 13.8.

1,500: Chai (WV-E), Taylor Baggiano (CV), Denise Purdy (CV). T – 5:41.8.

400: J. Hamilton (WV-E), Brittany Johnson (CV), Jessica Wojtowicz (WV-E). T – 1:09.7.

400 hurdles: Seltzer (WV-E), Tricia Thomas (WV-E), LeBarron (CV). T – 1:18.7.

800: Williams (WV-E), Johnston (CV), Mary Bohn (WV-E). T – 2:53.8.

200: Zimmer (WV-E), Maddie Swaley (WV-E), Heather Zielinski (CV). T – 28.4.

3,000: Chai (WV-E), Baggiano (CV), Cheyenne Fabrizio (CV). T – 12:25.9.

Shot put: Snayczak (WV-E), Seltzer (WV-E), Zielinski (CV). D – 26.

Long jump: Zimmer (WV-E), Johnston (CV), LeBarron (CV). D – 14-6.

High jump: (tie) Zielinski (CV)-Bailey (WV-E), Williams (WV-E). D – 4-4.

Discus: Cameron McLead (WV-E), Snayczuk (WV-E), Emily Stoll (CV). D – 76-1.

Triple jump: Kendra Dorman (CV), Williams (WV-E), Johnston (CV). D – 29-1.


FREWSBURG – Falconer won a triangular meet and Frewsburg (2-1, 1-0) picked up a Division 2 win.

In the triangular, it was Falconer 89, Frewsburg 55 and Chautauqua Lake 31.

Frewsburg topped Chautauqua Lake, 75-62, for a Division 2 win.

Double winners were Frewsburg’s McKenzie Swartzman the 800 and 1,500, and Falconer’s Alyssa Brooks was first in the discus and shot put.

3000 relay: Frewsburg (Chelsey Smith, Nikki Weber, Tessa Alianell, McKenzier Swartzman). T-11.13.

100 hurdles: Morgan Scarpino (Fr), Abbie Germain (Fr), Holly Nelson (CL)., Mix (Fa). T-17.4.

100: Liz Dallas (Fa), Jessie Caprino (Fa), Nelson (CL), Bri Girdlestone (CL). T-13.4.

1500: Swartzman (Fr), Kristin Holmberg (Fa), Erin Roach (Fa), Maddie Sohl (Fr). T-5:08.1.

400 relay: Falconer (BWright, MWright, JCaprino, MHavern). T-53.2.

400: Allinal (Fr), Abbey Baker (CL), Sarah Russin (CL), Caprin (Fa). T-1:07.2.

400 hurdles: Mix (Fa), Gridlestone (CL), Smith (Fr), Carter (Fa). T-1:20.2.

800: Swartzman (Fr), Holmberg (Fa), Sohl (Fr), Olivia Sposato (Fr). T-2:35.2.

200: Makayla Haveron (Fa), Dallas (Fa), Germain (Fr), Allinal (Fr). T-:28.3.

3000: Sadie Novak (CL), Weber (Fr), Falconer, Falconer. T-NA.

400 relay: Frewsburg (Smith, Germain Allinal, Swartzman). T-4:31.1.

Long jump: Wright (Fa), Scarpino (Fr), Dallas (Fa), Fortney (CL0. D-15-1.

High jump: Haverton (Fa) and Mix (Fa), Nelson (CL), Scarpino (Fr). H-4-10.

Triple jump: Wright (Fa), Scarpino (Fr) Fortney (CL), Zentz (CL). D-34-9.

Shot put: Brooks (Fa), Carlson (CL), Fortney (C), Rodriguez (Fa). D-28-3.

Discus: Brooks (Fa), Hartling (Fa), Rodriguez (Fa), Smith (CL). D-87-10.

Pole vault: Alexis Stein (Fa), Andrea Folk (Fa), Rachel Fortney (CL). H-7-6.


RANDOLPH – Randolph hosted Portville and Salamanca and the Lady Cardinals (1-0, 3-0) were able to claim a pair of victories, downing the Lady Warriors, 96-45, which was a Division 2 win and also cruised past the Lady Panthers, 119-21.

Taylor Dechow was a double winner for Randolph with a first-place finish in the 100 hurdles (17.0) and the 400 hurdles (1:12.6). Mackenzie Evans also doubled in the 100 meters (15.8) and the triple jump (32-4) and Tiffani Keyes doubled in the long jump (16-7) and the shot put (29-11).

100 hurdles: Taylor Dechow (R), Alex Catuti (S), Taylor Brown (S). T – 17.0

100M: Mackenzie Evans (R), Katilyn Droney (D), Hailey John (S). T -15.8

1,500M: Andie Hill (S), Elizabeth Roosa (R), Halle Leinhart (R). T – 5:50.8

400M: Mikayla Brooks (R), Malin Hering (P), Callissa Tome (S). T – 1:05.9

400 hurdles: Dechow (R), Taylor Lee (P), Caryn Dechow (R). T – 1:12.6

800M: Alexis Hinman (R), Emily Simon (P), Emma Vocharski (S). T – 2:42.6

200M: Droney (S), TDechow (R), Brooks (R). T – 29.1

3,000M: Megan Steward (R), Kelly Vincent (R), Andie Hill (S). T – 12;01

Long jump: Tiffani Keyes (R), Evans (R), Ryanne Yehl (S). D – 16-7

High jump: Yehl (S), Tome (S), Steward (R). H – 4-10

Shot put: Keyes (R), Carly Studley (R), Krista Callans (S). D – 29-11

Discus: Studley (R), Myah Stellavuto (S), Roosa (R). D – 74-0

Triple jump: Evans (R), Santana France (R), Yehl (S). D – 32-4.5

Pole vault: Brenna McDonald (R), Kashauna Learn (S), Alleya Boustenis (S). H – 8-0

3,200 relay: Randolph, Portville. T – 11:05.5

400 relay: Randolph, Portville. T – 6:53.7

1,600 relay: randolph, Portville. T – 4:35.7


CATTARAUGUS – Westfield edged Cattaraugus-Little Valley, 67-64 in Division 2.

Nina Manzella doubled for Westfield in the discus and shot put and Maddison Knapp won the 100 and 200.

For C-LV, Katelyn Glow won the 100 hurdles and 400 hurdles while Brianne Sciolino took the triple jump and the long jump.

3200 relay: Westfield (Molly Laurie,Ashley Lancaster, Brenna Culbreth, Emma Fermier). T-11:40.3

100 hurdles: Katelyn Glow (CLV), Macchioni (CLV), Blair (CLV) and LaPorte (W). T-21.3

100: Maddison Knapp (W), Sciolino (CLV), Archer (W). T-14.1

1500: Lori Pritchard (CLV), Dowdal (CLV), Abele (W). T-5:55.4

400 relay: CLV (Brianne Sciolino, Kaitlyn Cooper, Casey Krajenski, Jenna Martin). T- 58.1

400: Emma Fermier (W), Brenna Culbreth (W), Kayla Cannon (CLV). T-1:07.6

400 hurdles: Katelyn Glow (CLV), Franchina (W), Jopek (W). T-1:21.7

800: Emily Keating (CLV), Laurie (W), Abele (W). T-2:50.3

200: Maddison Knapp (W), Archer (W), Cannon (CLV). T-28.8.

Triple jump: Brianne Sciolino (CLV), Cooper (CLV), Krajenski (CLV). D-25-7.

Long jump: Brianne Sciolino (CLV), Cooper (CLV), Krajenski (CLV). D-13-6

3000: Claire Dowdall (CLV), Pritchard (CLV), Lancaster (W). T-13:28.8

Discus: Nina Manzella (W ), Mathews (W), Bennett (W). D-71-1

High jump: Miranda Warner (W), Machioni (CLV) and Knapp (W). H-4-4

Shot put: Nina Manzella (W), Mathews (W), Jopek (W). D-26-4

1600 relay: Westfield (Emma Fermier, Brenna Culbreth, Molly Laurie, Maddison Knapp)