Get Rid Of Unfair Income Taxes

To The Reader’s Forum:

One hundred years ago, it was 400 pages. Now it totals 74,000 pages of rules and regulations. “It will be of little avail to the people if the laws be so voluminous that they cannot be read, or so incoherent that they cannot be understood,” said James Madison, Father of the Constitution. 2013 marks the 100th year of the IRS, the federal income tax and the Federal Reserve. Anyone throwing an anniversary party?

When first created, it was known as the Bureau of Internal Revenue. By the 1950’s the name was changed to the Internal Revenue Service. Only a progressive government would call taking your money a service.

Printing all the necessary IRS forms and documents requires eliminating over 300,000 trees every year. Where’s the EPA on that one?

IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman wrote that the American taxpayer voluntarily pays the income tax “of their own free will.” The Treasury calls it “our voluntary tax system.” The IRS hunts down violators through its “enforcement programs to promote voluntary compliance” and launches “strategies to maximize voluntary tax law compliance” Since when does something voluntary compel you to pay?

This burdensome monstrosity laid on us by liberals, progressives, socialists and communists originated from the malevolent mind of Karl Marx. Communism necessitated a progressive income tax. It made the top 10 ten list of the Communist Manifesto and worked its way into our government in 1913 through the 16th Amendment.

In 1920 only 12 percent of taxpayers were subject to it. By the 1980’s 85 percent came under it. Now that the burden of taxation falls heavily on middle to upper incomes, only 50% of wage earners pay income taxes.

In 1946, Beardsley Ruml, former chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, admitted that a reason for the income tax was not so much for keeping revenue flowing to the government, as it was to ease the threat of inflation caused by the increased amount of dollars printed by the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve’s printing-spree feeds the government’s spending spree while taxes on our incomes feebly attempt to keep the nation inflation-free. Since its inception 100 years ago, the Federal Reserve has slowly bled the value of the dollar by 96%. What cost 4 cents a century ago now costs a dollar. By diminishing the purchasing power of your income, government underhandedly taxes you through inflation.

The second reason for the income tax is to control where money goes and who gets it. You know it as “the redistribution of wealth.” Under the banner of social justice, redistributing wealth is the centerpiece of a government-command and control economy. Obamacare enlarges the beast of control and command by empowering the IRS with an additional 16, 000-agents.

Chief Justice John Marshall sadly was right, “The power to tax is the power to destroy.” After all the taxes for the massive amount of unconstitutional expenditures and undeclared wars, what does progressive government have to show for it, except the dissolution of the family, fiscal responsibility, and freedom?

A grievance voiced against England in the Declaration of Independence protested the “swarms of officers to harass our people and eat out their substance.” If that doesn’t fit the IRS, what does? If those who gave their lives in the fight for independence could see our nation now with an IRS and a welfare state, wouldn’t they say, “We gave our blood for this?” For freedom’s sake, end the Fed. Terminate the income tax. Replace fiat money with real money backed by a gold standard and repeal the 16th Amendment giving the IRS the boot. If that’s asking too much, then what about coming together on the Flat Tax or the Fair Tax in exchange for getting rid of this unfair complicated progressive income tax and the IRS?

Rev. Mel McGinnis