Customer Service And Gay Marriage

To the Readers’ Forum:

Two points with one letter: I wonder how many customer service employees attitudes would change if they were paid what they’re worth. Customer service should mean something, focusing on the customer and not stupid sidebar stuff like their personal life or expecting their employers to give them more money and more hours. Waitresses are paid squat and rely on how well they treat their customers … why shouldn’t the cashier, the stock boy and the sales clerk who has general information of basically nothing, because it’s just a job to them?

Point number two on gay marriages: You’re a hypocrite if you’re protesting gay marriage, all the while saying nothing about divorce. I find gays to be more honest, fun and willing to duke it out when chips are down as compared to heteros who’ve been married two or more times. Marriage is supposed to be forever, is it not? Learn to take care of your own flock first before worrying about what someone else is doing.

Ronald Forsythe