Wadsworth Wins Masters Scratch Tourney

The 11th annual Jamestown Area Bowling Council Hall of Fame Masters Scratch Tournament was held on April 14 at Jamestown Bowling Company.

There were a total of 68 entries and Jeff Wadsworth emerged as the overall champion, battling his way into the two-game finals where he defeated Erie’s Pat Malone, 383-378. The victory earned Wadsworth $1,500 while Malone collected $700.

Carl Kurilich took third and received $300 and Alan Telling was fourth and took home $300.

In total, $5,500 was paid out with $2,000 in added money from co-sponsors Mir Oil and Butternut Brooke Equine Center. In addition, $5 of every entry was donated to the JABC Hall of Fame.

All participants rolled four games and the top eight from each qualifying shift earned a spot in the eliminator-style finals.

The results from each shift are as follows:

10 a.m. shift – Chad Mee 892, Tony Dolan 833, Larry Case 813, Randy Herron 798, Ray Textor 797, Steve Crandall 792, Andrew Herbert 768, Matt White 768.

Noon shift – Mike Rose 901, Chris Werner 843, Joe Dinardo 841, Bob Vitagliaro 834, Carl Kurilich 821, Joe Mercurio 800, Bill Thompson 798, Dave Guindon 787.

2 p.m. shift – Pat Malone 854, Jeff Wadsworth 851, Alan Telling 849, Ryan Colburn 829, Jeremy Crist 826, Dan Gould 808, Joe Baglio 807, John Masiello 801.

Deperado Qualifier (one game): Alan Felmlee.

Advancing from first-round eliminator: Carl Kurilich 244, Alan Felmlee 242, Ray Textor 237, Jeremy Crist 225, Bill Thompson 211, Dan Gould 211, Tony Dolan 202, Matt White 199 (1st round losers received $100).

Advancing from second round: Ray Textor 259, Chris Werner 241, Carl Kurilich 227, Bob Vitagliano 223, Pat Malone 223, Jeff Wadsworth 221, Matt White 208, Alan Telling 206 (second-round losers received $125).

Advancing from third round: Jeff Wadsworth 264, Alan Telling 234, Pat Malone 190, Carl Kurilich 190 (third round losers received $175).

Final round (two games): Jeff Wadsworth 383, Pat Malone 378, Carl Kurilich 358, Alan Telling 343.