Creche: Thank You Anthony Guiffrida

To The Readers’ Forum:

Creche wishes to thank the family of Anthony Guiffrida, 90, for naming it as one of the benefactors of memorials given in memory of Anthony who passed away on March 18. Anthony never forgot the assistance that Creche provided his immigrant family in the 1920s by providing daycare and meals for a mere 10 cents a day for him and his siblings. Last fall he gave a generous gift to Creche in appreciation of that long-ago assistance and support.

While Creche does not provide day care today, it has been providing children in the Jamestown community with many needed services for over 100 years, including baby clothing and pediatric gowns for WCA sewn by the members of Creche, children’s clothing, cribs, beds, camperships, and other children’s necessities. We are an all-volunteer, nonprofit organization of dedicated and energetic women devoted to providing basic needs of newborns through children 18 years of age residing in the greater Jamestown area. One hundred percent of all funds we raise are used locally.

We are honored to have been remembered by both Anthony and the Guiffrida family.

Beth Snow

president of Creche