Dave Evanzick was the lone three-game winner in the Chautauqua Lake Senior Horseshoe League, posting games of 85 with nine ringers, 78 and 75 points with five ringers in each game.

Mike Shannon won 2 games, racking up 10 ringers overall, Jerry Vargason took two of three games with with 97 points and 11 ringers and 86 points and eight ringers, Kurt vonKlist also won two out of three games with 83 and 80 points and totalled 67 ringers for his three games, Larry Piazza had 85 point with 10 ringers and 79 points with nine ringers in winning two of three games and Ken Hopkins won two of three games with 78 and 75 points and 13 ringers combined.

Jim Johnston had 85 points with seven ringers and Ken Aldrich collected 85 points with six ringers.