Lakewood Approves Permit For Adult Novelty Retail Store

LAKEWOOD – “Endless Love” may no longer be known in Lakewood only as a Diana Ross and Lionel Richie song from a movie starring Brooke Shields.

On Wednesday, the Lakewood Planning Board heard from Jill Laemmerhirt who is planning to open an adult novelty retail store in the American Mattress Plaza, located at 305 E. Fairmount Plaza behind the Kwik Fill gas station. Laemmerhirt said the name of the store will be Endless Love.

”It is a name that doesn’t define what I do … but is considerate of what it is,” she said.

Laemmerhirt said the windows will be covered so no one can see into the store from the outside. She said the only signs that will be on the windows of the business will be one with the name of the shop and another listing the hours of operation. She said there will be two doors at the entrance of the business where customers will be carded to make sure they are old enough to enter the sex-related retail store. She said there are businesses in the Chautauqua Mall that already sell similar items people will be able to find in her new store and don’t have the same security.

”In my establishment you will know for a fact not just anyone will see the items,” she said.

Prior to Laemmerhirt speaking to the Planning Board, Charlie Smith, village code enforcement officer and building inspector, said as of now there is no language in the village’s zoning code to prevent an adult novelty retail store. Smith said the zoning code can be written to restrict the location of adult-themed businesses, but cannot prevent them.

Planning Board members asked Laemmerhirt if she considered other locations for the business, including the Dollar General Plaza next to Lakewood Cinema 8. Laemmerhirt said she didn’t look into that location because she thought it was too close to the movie theater, which is a popular area for young children.

”I tried to pick a location away from schools, parks and day care centers,” she said about the Fairmount Avenue location. ”I didn’t want to be too close, but I didn’t want to be too far away.”

Marion Gibbons, Lakewood Planning Board member, said she believes the location is out of the way enough where adults will know not to bring their children.

”It seems to me Jill has thought this through,” she said.

The American Mattress Plaza also includes the businesses Deppas-Cesar Insurance, The Legend Group, American Mattress, Univera Healthcare and Advanced Planning Solutions.

The Planning Board voted 3-1 to approve the special-use permit. Gibbons; Jon Pearson, Planning Board chairman; and Sally Bootey, Lakewood Planning Board member, voted to approve the permit. Thomas Moore, Lakewood Planning Board member, voted against it, and Herbert Hern, Lakewood Planning Board member, was not in attendance. The Lakewood Board of Trustees will discuss the special-use permit at an upcoming meeting.