A Fresh Coat: Sherwin-Williams Donates Time, Product To B&G Club

A Jamestown institution received a facelift thanks to the generosity of a Fortune 500 company Tuesday.

Tuesday marked the beginning of National Painting Week for Sherwin-Williams, which celebrated in Jamestown by repainting the gymnasium at the Boys and Girls Club.

National Painting Week, which runs through Sunday, offers painting ideas and expert tips so people can easily begin home improvement projects. As a part of National Painting Week, Sherwin-Williams employees are volunteering time and donating products to give back to their community by tackling projects for nonprofits, churches, schools and more.

The project on Tuesday saw employees from Jamestown, Lakewood, Olean and Dunkirk, as well as a sales representative for the company all helping out at the Boys and Girls Club. According to Erica Mienson, Sherwin-Williams contacted several area facilities in order to determine where the volunteers would be sent during National Painting Week.

“We actually called a few different facilities in the area to see who had needs,” said Mienson, a Sherwin-Williams employee. “Once we contacted the Boys and Girls Club here, they called us back immediately with some different projects and different ideas. We donate the time and the product because we’re a part of this community. It just works.”

Jeff Kroon, executive director of the Boys and Girls Club, was thrilled that Sherwin-Williams was donating their time and materials to help restore the gymnasium in his facility, an effort that saved the Boys and Girls Club thousands of dollars.

“Labor-wise, to have a half-dozen individuals and all of these materials available, it’s a significant thing,” said Kroon. “For Sherwin-Williams to donate the products is one thing, but to send in the equipment and the employees to do the labor as well is phenomenal. It’s really making an improvement to the atmosphere here at the gym for the kids, and it’s just a great thing.”

According to Kroon, the gymnasium is used day in and day out, with children in it every day after school, in the evening, during holidays, over all of the school vacations and all summer long.

“It’s a busy place,” said Kroon. “We have a variety of programs that take place in the gym, everything from registered sports to open recreation. Over spring break it was just crazy here. The building shows that it’s been used, so this is a great thing. The improvements are immediately obvious. We could keep (Sherwin-Williams) busy for weeks, but we really appreciate the work that they’re doing.”