Is This Crazy Or What?

To The Reader’s Forum:

In an article on page C-1 of your Friday, April 12, edition it states that the Panama Central School District will be fined $4.9 Million for failure to submit required paperwork.

Look at the article carefully. They will receive from the State Ed Dept. $500,000 this year to assist with this and should simply sign over and return the check to the state for this years payment.

Is this crazy or what?

Now, if the District applies for the same grant for the next nine years; the fine will be totally paid off and the District will end up with a $100,000 profit! Not so bad when you look at it that way. That probably will not happen but why in the heck is the NYS Dept. of Ed fining a school district and then giving them a grant to pay the first year’s amount due. And pity the poor taxpayers who will have to cough up $500,000 a year for the next nine years to settle the account.

And who also suffers? Oh, yeah, the students, but why should we worry about that?

I am so confused!

Tim Fagerstrom