Fenton History Center Seeks Items For 50th Anniversary

This picture evokes a smile. It is fun to look at and imagine what music is playing, who the friends are and what is the occasion and possibly the organization putting the dance on.

Do you have a picture that shows a Jamestown activity? The Fenton would love to add it to its collection and show it off this year. The Fenton History Center is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Beginning May 24 with the grand opening of the newly renovated Hall House Research Center through to May 22, 2014, when the Fenton will finish the party with a “Taste of ’63” Gala complete with food, music, fun and awards.

This year-long celebration is for the entire community. The Fenton History Center would like to collect more pictures of Jamestown’s residents and activities. In partnership with The Post-Journal, the Fenton History Center is asking for pictures from private collections that show the activities your family and friends have been involved in since the early 1960s.

Scans of pictures can be sent to Joni Blackman, director of the Fenton History Center, at director@fentonhistorycenter.org or the pictures can be brought to the center, and the staff will scan them while you wait. The images will then be used throughout the year-long celebration, and with permission, added to the Fenton photograph collection and printed in The Post-Journal. Those whose photos are printed will receive two visitors’ passes to the Fenton History Center.

The Fenton is also looking for home movies to collect and use during the year. If you have questions, contact Blackman at 664-6256.