Maple Grove, Falconer Record Boys Non-League Track Wins

Maple Grove played host to Falconer and Cassadaga Valley in non-league boys track on Tuesday, batting the rainy elements and cooler temperatures all afternoon.

The Red Dragons had a easy time with the Cougars, rolling to a 110-25 win as Mitchell Sandberg had a huge day with three wins, including the long jump (18-3), the triple jump (33-9) and the high jump (5-2).

It was a different story for the Red Dragons against Falconer as they fell the Golden Falcons, 76-60.

Falconer’s Jesse Middleton was a double winner in the 400 meters (55-0) and the 800 meters (2:12.5) and Nick Anderson doubled in the 110 hurdles (18.7) and the high jump (5-4).

Maple Grove 110, Cassadaga Valley 25

3,200 relay: Maple Grove (P. Cala, N. Zuroski, C. Green, C. Wefing) T – 8:51

110 hurdles: R. Brown, (CV) M. Sandberg (MG) T.J. Bihler (MG) T – 17.8

100 : R. Braund (MG), M. Burns (MG), J. Seburg (MG). T – 12.5

1,600: C. Wefing (MG), W. Sischo(CV), Schwab (CV). T -4:44.1

400 relay: DQ

400: N. Zuroski (MG), C. Pietrocarlo (MG) J. Schauman (MG). T – 55.9

400 hurdles: H. Nolan (MG), T.J. Bihler (MG), R. Brown (CV). T – 1:07.2

800: C. Green (MG), N. Barker (CV), W. Sischo (CV). T – 2:14.8

200: J. Seburg (MG), J. Warsitz (CV), J. Wiles (CV). T – 27.2

3,200: F. Zuroski (MG), M. Nelson (MG). T – 11:09.9

1,600 relay: Maple Grove (B. Benson, C. Green, N. Zuroski, C. Wefing). T – 3:57.1

Pole vault: D. Bolles (MG), B. Benson (MG), K. Hall (MG). H – 9-0

Shot put: J. Scroxton (MG), A. Desaulniels (CV), B. Gorman (MG). D – 34-5

Discus: J. Hallberg (MG), B. Penhollow (CV), J. Clauson (MG). D – 80-4

Long jump: M. Sandberg (MG), J. Seburg (MG), M. Burns (MG). D – 18-3

Triple jump: M. Sandberg (MG), T.J. Bihler (MG), J. Warsitz (CV). D – 33-

High jump: M. Sandberg (MG), B. Benson (MG), H. Nolan (MG). T – 5-2.


RANDOLPH – Four athletes were double winners as Randolph (2-0) easily beat Chautauqua Lake, 118-23, in a non-league meet.

Jared Pitchford, Micah Kehoe, Zach Jackson and Zack Myers each won two events for Randolph, which won every event.

Pitchford took the long jump (19-2) and the triple jump (19-2), Kehoe the 110 hurdles (17.9) and 400 hurdles (1:04.4), Jackson the 800 (2:05.3) and 1,600 (4:56.3) and Myers the 100 (11.7) and the 200 (24.6).

3,200 relay: Randolph (Hunter Lienhart, Austin Schapp, Dylan Faust, Henry Jakubczak). T – 9:23.9.

110 h: Micah Kehoe (J), Cody Thomas (CL), Josh Bradford (CL). T – 17.9.

100: Zack Myers (R), Ryan MNiller (CL), Alex Shipherd (R). T – 11.7.

1,600: Zach Jackson (R), Nick Hettenbaugh (R), Schapp (R). T – 4:56.3.

400 relay: Randolph (Jared Pitchford, Jordan Dowiasz, Myers, Sam Jacobi). T – 46.7.

400: Shipherd (R), Dowiasz (R), Jacobi (R). T – 56.8.

400 H: Kehoe (R), Faust (R), Thomas (R). T – 1:04.4.

800: Jackson (R), Lienhart (R), Tristan Holdridge (R). T – 2:05.3.

200: Myers (R), Dowiasz (R), Shipherd (R). T – 24.6.

3,200: Randolph (Devin Parker, Schapp, Ryan Shipherd), T – 11:42.3.

1,600 relay: Randolph (Dowiasz, Alex Shipherd, Jacobi, Lienhart). T – 3:57.9.

Long jump: Jared Pitchford (R), Aaron Wilcox (CL), Hettenbaugh (R). D – 19-2.

Triple jump: Pitchford (R), Hettenbaugh (R), Holdridge (R). D – 36-10.

High jump: Faust (R), Chris Doubek (R), Miller (CL). H – 5-6.

Shot put: Oldro (R), Mike Bowers (R), Chandler Parker (CL). D – 42-4.

Discus: Bowers (R), Oldro (R), Parker (CL). D – 102-9.

Pole vault: Doubek (R), Trent Howard (CL), Nick Zentz (R). T – 12-0.


SILVER CREEK – Southestern had three double winners led the way in an 81-58 defeat over Silver Creek in a Division 1 meet.

Double winners for Southwestern were Jordan Powers in the 110 hurdles and the 400 hurdles, Ryan Hetrick in the 1,600 and 3,200, and Alec Peck in the long jump and 800.

For Silver Creek, Tyler Bain took first place in the high jump and the 200.

Long jump: Peck (SW), Hammond (SW), Cotroneo (SC). D – 17-9

3,200 relay: Silver Creek (Wise, Mullen, Ruia and Catalano). T -10:50.4

110 hurdles: Powers (SW), Elwell (SC). T :16.9

100: Feldman (SC), Bain (SC), Besnerch (SW). T – :12.0

1,600: Hetrick (SW), Mullen (SC), Hoose (SW). T – 5:18

400 relay: Southwestern (Williams, Todd, Hammond and Vansichle). T – :52.1

400: Desnerck (SW), Feldman (SC), Morales (SC). T – :55.9

400 hurdles: Powers (SW), Elwell (SC), Williams (SW). T – 1:04.6

800: Peck (SW), Mullen (SC), Steklasa (SC). T – 2:18.6

200: Bain (SC), Desnerch (SW), Feldman (SC). T – 24.6

3,200: Hetrick (SW), Mullen (SC), McAlevey (SC). T – 11:17.5

Discus: Martin (SW), Swanson (SW), Tymes (SW). D – 1:11.10

Pole vault: Elwell (SC), Powers (SW). D – 10-6.

High jump: Bain (SC), Sample (SC), Himes (SW). H – 4-8

Triple jump: Peck (SW), Hammond (SW), Wise (SC). D – 34-7

Shot put: Himes (SW), Braxton (SC), Swanson (SW). D – 36-6

1,600 relay: Southwestern (Desnerck, Peck, Hetrick and Powers). T – 4:00.7.