Edgewood Communities To Host Open House At Smartment Building

The community is invited to an open house at the 14-unit Smartment Building in Edgewood Communities on the Lutheran Campus, Saturday from 10 a.m. until noon. Visitors will tour the building and learn about the newest technology that is embedded in the apartment. Residents are ages 55 and older, and there is no entrance fee.

“This exciting technology is going to allow older adults to live independently for a longer period of time,” said Sharon Hamilton, vice president of Senior Housing at Lutheran. “We know that changes in daily habits are often the first signs of changes in health status. The technology is a combination of motion sensors and interactive computer programs that can signal caregivers if something is out of the ordinary. We can be alerted before a person ends up going to the emergency room, or we can intervene before needing a hospital admission. It also brings peace of mind to family members who are concerned about their loved one.”

Many of the current residents are in good health. Sandy Kindberg was ready to give up her big house and downsize, while she was still healthy and save her children from having to deal with making all the decisions.

“The main reason I love living here is because my apartment is easy to care for, and I have free time to do what I want,” she said. “I knew quite a few people on campus before I moved here and I’ve made some new friends, as well. I really don’t miss the old house. I’m very comfortable here.”

Edgewood Communities is located on the 123-acre Lutheran Campus off Falconer Street in Jamestown. Residents are ages 55 and older.

“Our residents are physically active, and they pride themselves in their zest for life,” Hamilton added. The Carlson Tower one-bedroom apartments will also be available for tours. Other campus housing includes one- and two-bedroom apartments and duplex homes. For more information call the Senior Housing office at 665-8197 or log onto lutheran-jamestown.org.