No Logical Reason For Ag Center Move

To The Reader’s Forum:

Recently the USDA (United States Dept of Ag) decided not to renew the lease with Chautauqua County for the Agricultural Center on Turner Road in Jamestown and will be relocating.

This was done without the opinion of the local communities and farmers that use this valuable resource. Since there were no previous complaints concerning the location, there appears to be no logical reason this move should be taking place. It seems as though the bureaucracy is looking for an opportunity to show its power. Washington is simply telling us what we have to do rather than what we want/need to do. This is another example of acting without the consideration of locals. Their actions will cost the farmers, community and county money through loss of convenience. The previous location will also be difficult to refill, so the cost for others in the building will increase. Unfortunately, that may even lead to the complete disposal of the building. If you share my concerns, please contact Congressman Tom Reed, 716-708-6369.


Tom Ormond,