JHS?Boys, Girls Capture Titles At Early Bird Invite

The Jamestown Red Raiders boys and girls track & field teams claimed titles at the Early Bird Invitational at Southwestern Central School on a very cold Saturday afternoon.

Justin Capuano led the boys with two wins, the Red Raiders compiled 149 points to hold off Clymer-Sherman-Panama with 126.50. Southwestern followed with 115 points, Chautauqua Lake had 49.50 points, Frewsburg 45 points and Cassadaga Valley 28 points.

Ana Torres and Kimberly Lindquist paved the way with two wins apiece as the Jamestown girls took their division with 194 points, Southwestern was second with 146 points, Clymer-Sherman-Panama third with 64 points, Chautauqua Lake fourth with 58 points, Frewsburg fifth with 42 points and Cassadaga Valley sixth with nine points.

Capuano took the 200 meters with a time of 24.63 and the 400 with a 55.01 for Jamestown, which was first in eight events.

Jonathan Healy was first in the 880 (2:10.71), Daquan Hollingsworth in the 100 (12.8), Joseph Mistretta in the shot put (43-9) and Deontae Martin in the triple jump (38-10) for the Red Raiders.

The Red Raiders were also victorious in the 1,600 relay (3:56.66) and 400 relay (48.57). Austen Johnson, Graham Davis, Derek Washington and Nick Lombardo comprised the 1,600 unit while Hollingsworth, Martin, Henry Tapia and Capuano making up the 400 relay squad.

Jordan Powers was a triple winner for Southwestern with wins in the 110 hurdles (17.30), the pole vault (9-6) and the 400 hurdles (1:03.43).

Ryan Carpenter, Josh O’Dell and Devin Morehead were first in their events for combined Clymer-Sherman-Panama. Carpenter won the 1,600 (4:59.54), O’Dell the 3,200 (10:34.50) and Morehead in the long jump (18-11).

The Clymer-Sherman-Panama 3,200 relay unit made up of Rich Resta, Clay Manwaring, Josh O’Dell and Dan O’Dell won with a time of 9:09.98.

John Martin of Southwestern claimed the discus (108-3) and Alex Elderkin of Frewsburg was the high jump champion (5-8).

Torres was a winner in the long jump (15-2) and the triple jump (32-3) and teammate Kimberly Lindquist captured the 800 (2:29.69) and the 1,500 (5:14.23) as the Jamestown girls took the championship.

Also for Jamestown, Cienna Simon won the 100 hurdles (16.01), Orianne Simon the 100 (13.92), Rachel Oelbrecht the 400 (1:12.67), Keiona Nance the shot put (27-5) and Patrick Keller the discus (92-9).

Jamestown won the 400 relay (52.85) and the 1,600 (4:33.48). Orianne Simon, Alize Scott, Summer Haight and Erin Butman were the members of the 400 relay while the 1,600 team was comprised of Sarah Garvin, Kylie Wilson, Oelbrecht and Leah Holt.

Brittany Feldman was a double winner for Southwestern by capturing the high jump (5-0) and the 400 (1:02.46).

Other Lady Trojans to come in first are Diamond Fedrick in the 200 (32.29), Emily Kent in the 3,000 (11:52.79) and Andrea O’Boyle in the pole vault (7-6).

Southwestern took the 3,200 relay (10:41.25). The team included Cassie Cramer, Jilliam Lawton, Katie Lawton and Abbey Andrews.


Jamestown 194, Southwestern 146, Clymer 64, Chautauqua Lake 58, Cassadaga Valley 9

100: Orianne Simon (Jamestown), Heidi Mueller (Southwestern), Country Zentz (Chautauqua Lake), Alexis Hayes (Southwestern), Erin Butman (Jamestown). T – 13.92.

200: Diamond Fedrick (Southwestern), Madilyn Gerace (Southwestern), Brianna Dudley (Chautauqua Lake), Janessa Annis (Frewsburg), Tessa Allinal (Chautauqua Lake). T – 32.29.

400: Brittany Feldman (Southwestern), Shantel McCart (Clymer), Alexandria Perkins (Jamestown), Abbi Baker (Chautauqua Lake), Sydney Thomas (Southwestern). T – 1:02.46.

800: Lindquist (Jamestown), Adriana Roehmholdt (Jamestown), Rebecca King (Clymer), Cassie Cramer (Southwestern), Grace Dennis (Clymer). T – 2:29.69.

1,500: Lindquist (Jamestown), Holly Eliason (Clymer), Emily Kent (Southwestern), Roehmholdt (Jamestown), Katie Pacy (Clymer). T – 5:14.23.

3,000: Kent (Southwestern), Andrea O’Boyle (Southwestern), Andrea O’Boyle (Southwestern), Kait White (Clymer), Sadie Novak (CL), Jane Burkett (Frewsburg). T – 11;52.79.

100 h: Cienna Simon (Jamestown), Summer Haight (Jamestown), Morgan Scarpino (Frewsburg), Haley Ford (Jamestown), Kelsey Powers (Southwestern). T – 16:01.

400 h: Rachel Oelbrecht (Jamestown), Sarah Garvin (Jamestown), Ford (Jamestown), Jackie Gullotti (Southwestern), Cassandra Treacle (Clymer). T – 1:12.67.

400 relay: Jamestown (O. Simon, Alize Scott, Haight, Butman), Southwestern (Misty Himes, Gerace, Taylor LaTour, Mueller), Chautauqua Lake (Zentz, Abbi Baker, Sarah Russin, Holly Nelson), Frewsburg (Lucia Albajone, Nikki Weber, Aleisha Elderkin Smith), Cassadaga Valley (Kendra Dorman, Emily Stoll, Ceilia Swan, Bethany Sterner). T – 52.85.

1,600 relay: Jamestown (Sarah Garvin, Kylie Wilson, Oelbrecht, Leah Holt), Clymer (Ally Strickland, Casandra Treacle, King, McCart), Southwestern (Cassie Cramer, Jessica Schrader, Sydney Thomas, Feldman), Chautauqua Lake (Baker, Bree Girdlestone, Mary Schmitz, Zentz), Cassadaga Valley (Courtney Logan, Denise Purdy, Kendra Dorman, Emily Verrett). T – 4:33.48.

3,200 relay: Southwestern (Cramer, Jillian Lawton, Katie Lawton, Abbey Anderews), Clymer (King, Pacy, Emilee Sperry, Eliason), Frewsburg (Tessa Allinal, Chelsea Smith, Weber, Mckenzie Swartsman), Jamestown (Heather Sisson, Elizabeth Indriolio, Miranda Horton, Perkins), Chautauqua Lake (Novak, Kirsten Elliot, Kathy West, Kori Erickson). T – 10:41.25.

High jump: Feldman (Southwestern), Federick (Southwestern), Brielle Edborg (Jamestown), Ana Torres (Jamestown), Morgan Scarpino (Frewsburg). T – 5:00.

Pole vault: O’Boyle (Southwestern), Molly Morse (Jamestown). H – 7-6.

Long jump: Torres (Jamestown), Scarpino (Frewsburg), Rachel Fortney (CL), Russin (CL), Jackie Gullotti (Southwestern). D- 15-2.

Triple jump: Torres (Jamestown), Zentz (CL), Scarpino (F), Ashley Beckwith (C), Kendra Dorman (Cassadaga Valley). D – 32-3.

Shot put: Keiona Nance (Jamestown), Patricia Keller (Jamestown), Gabriella Hoose (Southwestern), Fortney (CL), Maddie Alexander (Southwestern). D – 27-5.

Discus: Patricia Keller (Jamestown), Hoose (Southwestern), Naomi Kenny (Clymer), Lucy Pannes (Jamestown), Nicole Johnson (Clymer). D -92-9.


Jamestown 149, Clymer 126.50, Southwestern 115, Chautauqua Lake 49.50, Frewsburg 45, Cassadaga Valley 28

100: Dauquan Hollingsworth (Jamestown), Tyrel Adelgren (F), Devone Adelgren (F), Tristan Desnerck (Southwestern), Deontae Martin (Jamestown). T – 12.08.

200: Justin Capuano (Jamestown), D. Adelgren (F), Clay Manwaring (Clymer), Graham Davis (Jamestown), Rich Resta (Clymer). T – 55.01.

800: Jonathan Healy (Jamestown), Dan Odell (Clymer), Alek Peck (Southwestern), William Sischo (Cassadaga Valley), Ryan Carpenter (Clymer). T – 2:l0.71.

1,600: Carpenter (Clymer), Ryan Hetrick (Southwestern), Henry Sullivan (Clymer), Sischo (CV), Andre Johnson (Jamestown). T – 4:59.54.

3,200: Josh Odell (Clymer), Hetrick (Southwestern), Jordan Johnson (Jamestown), Christian Edborg (Jamestown), Justin Svetz (Clymer). T – 10:34.50.

110 h: Jordan Powers (Southwestern), Ronald Brown (CV), Steven Nowell (Jamestown), Josh Bradford (CL), Cody Thomas (CL). T – 17.30.

400 h: Powers (Southwestern), D. O’Dell (Clymer), Brown (CV), Patrick Wilson (Jamestown), Josiah Blanchard (F). T – 1:03.43.

400 relay: Jamestown (Hollingsworth, Martin, Henry Tapia, Capuano), Clymer (John Luden, Scouten, Devin Moorhead, Isaiah Smith), Chautauqua Lake (Nick Ambrose, Jeremy Lesniowski, Aaron Wilcox, Ryan Miller), Southwestern (Brandon Himes, Jake Hammond, John Todd, Tanner Johnson), Cassadaga Valley (James Cornelius, Dustin Gragg, Zach Myers, James Wiles). T – 48.57.

1,600 relay: Jamestown (Austen Johnson, Graham Davis, Derek Washington, Nick Lombardo), Southwestern (Desnerck, Peck, Hetrick, Powers), Clymer (Carpenter, Resta, Manwaring, D. O’Dell), Chautauqua Lake (Zentz, Christian Anderson, Ryland Logan, Michael Parker). T – 3:56.86.

3.200 relay: Clymer (Resta, Manwaring, J. O’Dell, D. O’Dell), Jamestown (J. Johnson, Christian Edborg, Ryan Salemme, Healy), Frewsburg (Christian Sardi, Alec Emley, James Haick, Josh Smith), Cassadaga Valley (Gragg, Tim Johnson, Sischo, Jeremy Warsitz). T – 9:09.98.

High jump: Alex Elderkin (F), Nowell (Jamestown), Luden (C), Edborg (Jamestown), Ray Fortney (CL). D – 5-8.

Pole vault: Powers (Southwestern), Trent Howard (CL), Zentz (CL). H – 9-6.

Long jump: Morehead (Clymer), Scouten (Clymer), Peck (Southwestern), Aaron Wilcox (CL), Nowell (Jamestown). D – 18-11.

Triple jump: Martin (Jamestown), Jarell Greene (Jamestown), Peck (Southwestern), D. O’Dell (Clymer), Svetz (Clymer). D – 38-10.

Shot put: Joseph Mistretta (Jamestown), Chandler Baker (CL), Jon Spacht (Clymer), Howard Boutelle (Southwestern), John Martin (Southwestern). D – 43-9.

Discus: Martin (Southwestern), Ben Swanson (Southwestern), Baker (CL), Darrell Hunzinger (Jamestown), Brandon Himes (Southwestern). D – 108-3.