What Is The Truth About Gun Control?

To the Readers’ Forum:

How can our top government leaders such as Barak Obama, Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo, Michael Bloomberg, Diane Fienstein and others expect us to believe anything that they say, especially when they look us in the eyes and boldly tell us lies as if we are just cattle standing in a field.

For example Biden saying that the White House will fight for an assault weapons ban, “there is no place on our streets for military weapons.”

The military and the police are the only ones that use fully automatic military machine guns such as the M16 or M4. We, the law abiding citizens, are not allowed these type of weapons. We are only allowed to have semi-automatic rifles like the Rugar 10/22, that we first learned as a youth how to handle a firearm safely and shoot properly, to the AR15 target and hunting rifle that is easy to control for safety.

The more physical control we have of our firearms, such as pistol grips, forearm grips, muzzle brakes and magazine feeds the more safe the firearm and shooter will be. After all, isn’t gun control actually being safe and accurate with our firearms?

Please don’t ever forget that when our ancestors won our freedom from King George, we were able to win this freedom by using the same weapons that the King’s Army had and have continued to keep this freedom from foreign and domestic powers by the shield of the Second Amendment.

We the people have not asked to possess tanks, fighter jets, bombers, missile launchers and assault weapons such as machine guns.

But we do demand to keep and bear the lesser style of firearms that we have today.

So what is the truth? Is our government afraid of the looks of the “black gun” or that we the American people will get tired of being treated like livestock and once again stand up for our rights and freedoms?

Brian Malta