Weather Helps Businesses Along Snowmobile Trails

Even though conditions on the county’s snowmobile trails weren’t always ideal, businesses still saw more action this winter when compared to last year.

The county’s snowmobile trails were open several times this year, even if they were never continually open for an extended period. In 2012, county snowmobile trails were only open for two days throughout the winter season.

Doug Spegar, Guppy’s Tavern owner, said his snowmobile-rider business was up this year, especially late in the season.

“We did have a couple weekends in March that helped,” he said. “Toward the end, the trails were open a little later.”

Spegar, whose business is located at 4663 Route 430, Bemus Point, said even though last year’s winter wasn’t great for snowmobilers, his business was still busy.

“We had a great winter last year even without the snow. It was one where people could get out,” he said. “We were hoping at least to match last year, but it seems we’re up a bit (this year).”

Lonnie Pound, Pine Junction owner with his wife, Shirlee, said he would rate this winter a “B” compared to a typical Western New York winter. Pine Junction is located at 9757 Bailey Hill Road in Findley Lake.

“The reason I would say that is we couldn’t stretch out for more than two weeks in a row,” he said about the length of time snowmobile trails would be open. “That was the way it went this winter. If we would have seen three or four weeks in a row of snow, it would have been better. But we will take it.”

Bruce Ahlquist, owner of the Blue Heron Inn with his wife, Tobi, said the snowmobile season is better when people from outside the region know there is plenty of snow in Chautauqua County.

“When the trails are on-again-off -again, it makes it hard because people from out of the area aren’t sure what conditions are from week-to-week,” he said. The Blue Heron Inn is located at 10412 Main Street in Findley Lake.