Editor’s Note

I’ve written in this space before about some of the strange, but mildly interesting, packages I’ve received at work.

There was the time I received a box of yogurt, which thankfully, was still cold when it arrived. Then, there are the always fun anonymous letters. I know I’m in for a real treat when I open an envelope that doesn’t have a return address.

This past week, however, I received easily the most interesting package I’ve ever had the pleasure of opening. As I ripped open a small, rectangular box, I discovered that it was filled with a few dozen acorns. Yes, I received a box of nuts.

The box included a letter from an upstart marketing company. I forgot the name, but I wouldn’t have included it here anyway. I don’t want to give them any encouragement.

John Whittaker, my boss, got the same package. In total, the company spent about $7 to mail us the nuts, plus whatever staff time they had into writing the letters and spending an afternoon in squirrel territory gathering acorns.

And, I’m sure, since this company was from the Buffalo area, they sent out a lot of nuts to a lot people.

The letter advertised the business’ creative services. The acorns, from what I could gather, were meant to show off their creative marketing practices. If nothing else, they were trying to get noticed by trying something a little unusual.

Being the gentleman that I am, I felt that I should share my newly opened gift – just as I have in the past when I’ve received a plate of cookies. I carried them around the newsroom, offering the acorns as I went.

The takers, as you might imagine, were few and far between. No one wanted to decorate their desk with one of nature’s favorite candies. Discarding the letter, I placed the acorns on the table in the newsroom where we occasionally place food we’ve brought in to share with our fellow workers.

I’m not saying the acorns were consumed by my coworkers, but they were gone when I came into work the next day. Perhaps they’ve gone to the squirrels.