Benefit To Support Dewyea Family Is Sunday

SINCLAIRVILLE – Area residents looking to offer support to a local family in need will have an opportunity to this Sunday.

Bill Dewyea of Sinclairville recently passed away at the age of 72, and his wife, Sue, 65, is currently hospitalized with cancer. A spaghetti dinner benefit and Chinese auction will be held for the Dewyea family at noon Sunday at the Sinclairville Fire Hall, 30 Main St. in Sinclairville. Dinner is $7.50 for adults and $5 for those under 12. The funds raised will serve to help Mrs. Dewyea pay for accrued medical bills and funeral arrangements.

According to Bob Clark, Dewyea’s stepbrother, Mrs. Dewyea has been diagnosed with terminal cancer, and is facing large medical bills.

“She is going through quite a time right now,” said Clark. “And, Sue and the family are facing quite the financial burden.”

Before Dewyea passed away, he and Sue were both at Buffalo General at the same time, so that she could get cancer treatment at Roswell Park.

“It was a double-whammy for them,” said Clark. “Bill had a kidney problem, and he was not doing quite well when Sue went to the hospital. He was on his way up to see her when he got sick, and had to be taken to Brooks Memorial, which transported him to Buffalo General. So, for a while we had Sue on one side of the intensive care unit, while Bill was on the other.”

Clark said he chose to hold a spaghetti dinner because he knew that it would be something that the community could come together to enjoy. The event is being held at the Sinclairville Fire Hall because it is a central location for the people who cared for the Dewyea family. The location was also selected because it is the center for Meals On Wheels, with which the Dewyeas were both involved. And, Dewyea was a Sinclairville volunteer fireman.

The event will also be held as a way to memorialize the Dewyeas. Dewyea was a over-the-road truck driver all of his life, and he started when he was 16. But, he was also a poet, and several selections of his work will be on display during the dinner.

Dewyea is survived by eight children including: William H. Dewyea II of Sinclairville, Tammy L. Phanco and Lori A. Mann of Jamestown, Thomas W. Phanco of Randolph, William J. Dewyea and Stephen W. Dewyea of North Carolina, Amber M. Dewyea of Pennsylvania, and Heidi M. Dewyea Cronin of Sinclairville. Stephen is in the Marine Corps, and was assigned to the White House and Camp David, the president’s country residence. A photo of Dewyea, Stephen and George Bush Jr. will be on display during the dinner.

“If Bill had been a millionaire, he would have been the greatest philanthropist in the world because he always gave to people,” said Clark. “It didn’t matter if he was out in Nevada, Utah or California, if he was at a truckstop and saw someone that was down-and-out then he would try to help them – even if it was just to buy them dinner.”

For more information call Clark at 962-2908.