Heather Gould Smashes 743 Series At JBC

Heather Gould was in the area spotlight for the women at Jamestown Bowling Company on Thursday night.

Gould put together a neat 743 series on singles of 224-264-255 for Snap Fitness in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles at JBC.

That set was bettered only by Justin VanArsdale and Bill Thompson in the same league.

VanArsdale hit a 220-267-266-753 for Gary’s CARSTAR and Thompson a 278-246-222-746 for Geraci & Company Accounting.

Ron Holter tossed a 245-258-795 for Farm Fresh Foods and Matt Himes a 256-256-703 for Geraci & Company Accounting in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles at JBC.

Sheila Whitford went over the 600 plateau with a 212-223-611 for Barmore-Sellstrom at JBC in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles.

Still in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles at JBC, Mark Gould and Josh Volk just missed hitting 700s. Gould connected for a 289-225-699 for John C. Nelson Corporation and Josh Volk a 254-256-698 for Empire Machinery.

Jim Suckow delivered a 270-681 in the Morning Seniors League at JBC.

Jeremy Crist pounded out a 222-222-256-680 for MIR Oil and Mike Jackson a 237-225-675 for Empire Machinery in the Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles at JBC.

Drew Robinson drilled a 286 and Adam Newhouse a 258 at Cutting Lanes.

Dan Gould smashed a 268, Tom Sacilowski a 266, John Williams Jr. a 259, Randy Herron a 258 and Howie McIntyre Jr. a 256 at JBC.

Cutting Lanes: American League – Dennis Brumagin 249-243-672, Adam Newhouse 223-663, Roger Robinson 245-651, Ron Reed 247-649, Alton Wethli 224-623, Drew Robinson 618, Steve Swan 232-603, Pat Bemis 236-597, Brad Robinson 596, Gordy McCray 587, Ronnie Pound 582.

Jamestown Bowling Company: A. M. Seniors League – Chuck Stohlberg 562, Pete D’Angelo 543, Cliff Carlson 517.

Hall of Fame Scratch Doubles – Dave Fiiorella 246-235-671, Randy Herron 238-667, John Williams Jr. 233-666, Mike Rylowicz 221-237-659, Dan Gould 657, Tom Sacilowski 655, Joe Muzzy 235-643, Matt Delong 227-641, Howie McIntyre Jr. 229-641, Wade Crabtree 229-634, Jim Rissel 237-609, Matt Erickson 604, John Williams Sr. 246-601, Christy Cuifolo 514.

Pizza & Beer League – David Wilson 220-618, Phil O’Brien 220-610.