Jamestown Native Nominated For Independent Music Awards

A dance-pop artist is emerging from Jamestown, and she might just be unstoppable.

Brielle, a Jamestown High School student who began her musical career with the release of a self-titled EP last year, has been nominated for the 12th annual Independent Music Awards. The nomination is for her original song, “Unstoppable,” which is up for an award in the pop song category.

According to Brielle, the announcement came as a huge surprise, one that helped solidify her decision to continue pursuing a career in entertainment.

“I wasn’t expecting it this early in my career, but it was awesome,” said Brielle. “Because I’m so versatile, we’ve been experimenting with so many types of music, and we have just figured out that dance-pop is my thing. So, (the nomination) was confirmation that yeah, this is what I should be doing.”

The winners of the awards will be determined by a panel of more than 35 influential artists and industry judges, some of which Brielle is a fan, she said. One in particular she was excited about was Ziggy Marley. The winners will be announced in May.

“It’s cool, but I’ve never been judged before – so I don’t know what to expect,” said Brielle. “But, I feel totally blessed that I was able to get the song nominated.”

Tim Edborg, Brielle’s father and founder of AGP Records, was also surprised by the announcement, and is incredibly proud of his daughter for her achievements.

“It’s cool. It feels great to be around it and it’s exciting, but it’s also a lot of work,” said Edborg.

According to the program’s official website, www.independentmusicawards.com, the IMAs deliver yearlong marketing and sales support as well as performance and licensing opportunities that place winners and nominees in front of 1 billion music fans.

A download of “Unstoppable” is available for free or donation at www.brielle1.bandcamp.com. After giving the song a listen, those interested can cast their vote for the fan-selected winners at www.independentmusicawards.com/ima/vox-pop. The fan-selected winners will be announced on Friday, July 19.

“You log on, and then you vote for me – please,” said Brielle. “I’ve put a lot of hard work into the song, and I believe in the music. I feel that ‘Unstoppable’ can relate to a lot of people, especially teenagers, and it’s a great summer party song.”

Brielle is currently working on recording a full-length album in New York City, of which eight fully produced songs are ready for release. According to Edborg, major label distribution has been secured for the release. One of the new songs is entitled “Catch A Star For You,” and can be streamed via www.sonicbids.com/brielle2. A worldwide distribution release of the album’s single will be released before she starts performing live. But, in the meantime, Brielle’s six-song self-titled EP is available on iTunes for purchase.

In addition to her musical aspirations, Brielle is a 17-year-old senior at JHS who competes on the track team as a high-jumper, is on the dance team and plays violin in the orchestra. Brielle’s violin skills can be heard on her rendition of “Who’d Have Known,” which was originally written by Lily Allen.

For more information visit www.brielleonline.com or search for “Brielle” on Facebook.