Rissel, Carlson Roll 700 Series

There were two 700 sets rolled in the Tuesday Senior Coffee Bowl at Jamestown Bowling Company.

Jim Rissel had a 200-276-238-714 and Cliff Carlson delivered a 256-255-700.

Nate Lester shot a 243-238-683 for Butera’s Towing and Chris Johnson a 267 for JPF Trucking in the Butera’s Towing League at JBC.

Don Hilyer rolled 223-234-646 and Dave Woodfield Sr. slammed a 214-236-609 in the Senior Coffee Bowl at JBC.

Sharon Utegg had a 203-502 in the Tuesday A. M. Senior League at JBC.

Jamestown Bowling Company: Senior Coffee Bowl – Bob Howe 226-576, Wayne Hunzinger 510, Don Chambers 201-500, Barb Conklin 431.

Butera’s Towing League – Terry Parson 244-657. Chuck Warner 234-644, Chris Johnson 643, Bob Carlson 223-222-629, Pat Walsh 628, Scott Johnson 235-608, Tom Lester 237-600, Jim Chapman 591, Jerry Heald 587, Dave Kohlbacher 220-579, Brandon Carlson 579.

Cutting Lanes: Tuesday A. M. Seniors League – Denny Brumagin 521, Jake Royek 507, Lyle Gifford 504, Al Post 501.

Monday Men’s League – Adam Newhouse 222-223-639, Ernie Newhouse 588, Chris Legters 576.