Maycock Triples In Randolph Girls Track Win Over Westfield

RANDOLPH – McKenna Maycock was in mid-season form for Randolph as it captured its girls track non-league opener from Westfield, 117-21.

Maycock took the l00 hurdles in 16.2, the long jump with a distance of 16-8 and the 800 with a time of 2:31.8 for the Lady Cardinals.

Megan Steward was a double winner for Randolph, which won all but two events, in the 1,500 with a time of 5:54.1 and the 3,000 with a reading of 13:13.5.

3,200 relay: Randolph (Elizabeth Roosa, Hailie Lienhart, Megan Steward). T- 11:30.5.

100 hurdles: Maycock (R), Taylor Dechow (R). T- 16.2.

100: Makenzie Evans (R), Madison Knapp (W), Rachel Matthews (W). T- 13.4.

1,500: Steward (R), Kelly Vincent (R), Miranda Gross (R). T- 5:54.1.

400 relay: Randolph (Dechow, Kelsey Smith, Santana France, Evans). T- 55.2.

400: Emma Fermier (W), Roosa (R), Mikayla Brooks (R). T-11:06.6.

400 hurdles: Taryn Dechow (R), Gross (R). T-1:23.3.

800: Maycock (R), Hinman (R), Molly Laurie (W). T- 2:31.8.

200: Taylor Dechow (R), Brooks (R), Tabatha Ecker (R). T- 28.6.

3,000: Steward (R), Vincent (R), Ashley Lancaster (W). T- 13:13.5.

1.600 relay: Randolph (Roosa, Taylor Dechow, Hinman, Maycock). T- 4:31.8.

High jump: Miranda Warner (W), Steward (R), Tiffinni Keyes (R). D- 5-0.

Pole vault: Lienhart (R), Brenna McDonald (R). H-7-0.

Long jump: Maycock (R), Evans (R), Keyes (R). D- 16-8.

Triple jump: France (R), Evans (R), Lindsey Bennett (W). D- 29-5.

Shot: Carlye Studley (R), Nina Manzella (W), Bennett (W). D- 25-4.

Discus: Roosa (R), Studley (R), Manzella (W). D- 73-8.


CLYMER – Shantel McCart doubled as the girls from Clymer-Sherman-Panama defeated Cattaraugus-Little Valley, 71-61.

McCart won the 100 high hurdles (19.1) and the 400 (1:05) for the Lady Pirates.

3,200: CSP (Rebecca King, Katie Pacy, Emilee Sperry, Holly Eliason). T- 10:53.07.

100 high hurdles: Shantel McCart (CSP), K. Glow (C-LV). Katelyn Tenpas (CSP). T-19.1.

100: B. Sciolino (C-LV), J. Martin (C-LV), K. Cannon (C-LV). T- 14.3.

1,500: Eliason (CSP), Pacy (CSP), L. Pritchard (C-LV). T- 5:18.3.

400 relay: C-LV (Sciolino, K. Cooper, C. Kragenski, J. Martin). T-:59.

400: McCart (CSP), Sperry (CSP)), T. Loop (C-LV). T- 1:05.

400 hurdles: Cassandra Treacle (CSP), Samantha Nickerson (CSP), K. Glow (C-LV). T- 1:20.5.

800: King (CSP), E. Keating (C-LV), Grace Dennis (CSP). T- 2:36.9.

200: K. Cannon (C-LV), Sciolino (C-LV), M. Macchioni (C-LV). T- 30.5.

3,000: C. Dowdall (C-LV), Pritchard (C-LV), A.Opferbecik (C-LV). T- NA

1,600 relay: CSP (Ally Strickland, Sperry, King, McCart). T – 4:48.3.

High jump: F. Blair (C-LV). Amelia Manwaring (CSP), M. Macchioni (C-LV). D- 4-4.

Long jump: E. Keating (C-LV), Blair (C-LV), Krajenski (C-LV). D- 13-3.

Triple jump: Ashley Beckwith (CSP), Paige Michael (CSP), Krajenski (C-LV). D- 29-3.

Shot: Alex Anderson (CSP), E. Morton (C-LV), Nicole Johnson (CSP). D- 28.

Discus: Nicole Kenny (CSP), Anderson (CSP), Johnson (CSP). D- 73-5.