Falconer Man Faces 54 Charges In Deer Jacking Case

A Falconer man is facing dozens of charges following a deer jacking investigation.

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Police charged Bruce Giddy, 60, of Falconer, with 54 misdemeanor charges, the agency announced today. The charges include 46 misdemeanors of Environmental Conservation Law and eight Penal Law misdemeanors.

In addition to deer jacking – the illegal practice of shooting deer with the use of an artificial light – the investigation unveiled numerous other offenses.

“This is the highest number of violations we’ve had associated with a single deer jacking case within our region,” said Frank Lauricella, Division of Law Enforcement Region 9 Police captain. “Thanks to the months-long investigation and dedicated work of our environmental conservation officers, DEC was able to successfully solve this particularly egregious deer case that involved multiple serious offenses.”

The case began when the Jamestown Police Department contacted DEC Police on Nov. 25, 2012, to report a deer had been shot and left on a school property in Jamestown over Thanksgiving weekend. Witness reports indicated the man shot the deer from his vehicle within a residential area and on a school property.

After a four-month investigation, DEC Police were able to track down the suspect and also link him to numerous similar incidents where deer had been shot in residential areas and left behind, as well as with a lengthy list of other hunting-related violations.

Charges against Giddy include reckless endangerment for shooting on public property and within a residential area. Each misdemeanor carries a jail term of up to one year and fines range from $200 to $2,000 per charge. Giddy will be arraigned on the town of Ellicott charges Tuesday, April 16, and on the city of Jamestown charges Tuesday, April 23.

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