Teaching Is A Team Effort

To the Readers’ Forum:

It has been my pleasure to get to know some of the teachers in the area during the course of the year. They have been caring, patient, understanding and very knowledgeable to their disciplines concerning the personal issues I have encountered during the course of the school year.

Unlike myself, some people do not have the ”Teacher Experience” I had. A friend of mine, who resides in another district, was telling me of an experience her family member had. It involved a teacher who possessed the credentials required for a position but did not posess the experience or knowledge of the discipline in question.

Many parents complained about the situation only to be told by administration that the teacher was tenured and protected by the teachers’ union. The situation is unfortunate because it is the student who is ”short changed” in the long run. Not to mention the taxpayers who are paying for inadequate services.

In closing, I consider myself truly blessed that I have an outstanding team of teaches to work with.

The Rev. Carmen Taylor