Westfield/Mayville Rotary Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day wasn’t neglected by the Westfield/Mayville Rotary Club members. That’s because its president, John “Doc” Hamels, and Bill Drellow came prepared with their guitars and banjo. All joined in singing long-ago, popular Irish tunes while clapping hands with the music.

During another regular Tuesday get-together, Rotarians learned all about Homeopathy from Leslie Johnson, owner of Johnson’s Village Pharmacy in Mayville. Introduced by Rotarian Dan Smith, she told how she opened her business with husband Steve 10 years ago. It wasn’t long after that she began increasing her education about natural medicine versus prescription alternatives.

“People were searching for help outside traditional medicine, so it was good timing,” she recalled.

Although Homeopathy is 200 years old, it was relegated to the background when prescription drugs were introduced. Then, some years ago, it became more popular, hence sending Ms. Johnson back to college to study this new-found “medicine.” She will graduate in June 2013 with a degree in homeopathy and plans to add this to her business by seeing patients and, when appropriate, treating them homeopathically.

Most recently, Dave Davidson and John Hertlein, superintendants of Westfield Academy and Brocton central schools, respectively, gave a PowerPoint presentation of highlights for consolidation, “The Future of Education in One Region.”

Introduced by Rotarian Ben Spitzer, Chautauqua Lake Central School superintendant, they emphasized ways in which the two schools are alike: similar borders – Brocton thought that WACS has more in common with it than with Fredonia such as the number of students, family income, economically, and parents in comparable businesses/employment, such as sales, farming, construction business.

After many meetings of both boards and with the community, it was determined that, regardless of “red tape” and New York state rules and regulations, agreement was reached that proved they would “do a good job.”

Should both communities vote in favor of consolidation, it will be the second time two county districts merge – the first being Mayville and Chautauqua, now Chautauqua Lake Central School.