Creche Continues Lenten Tradition Of Sewing Baby Gowns

Lent is a special time of year for Creche members.

Creche was founded in order to sew garments for babies in WCA Hospital during the Lenten season in 1900. That year, Josephine Fenton Gifford, daughter of Gov. Reuben Fenton, suggested that her daughter and her friends meet during Lent to sew baby gowns for WCA Hospital.

They continued to do so every Lenten season. Even during the war years when sewing supplies were at a shortage, Creche members made sure that money was raised so that garments could be sewn for babies in the hospital. Lenten sewing meetings have become a Creche tradition that survives to this day, 113 years later.

During this Lenten season, four different sewing sessions were held in the basement of First Presbyterian Church. Creche members completed 20 gowns for pediatric patients.

A longtime Creche member, Katryn Kotse, created the unique pattern for the baby and pediatric gowns used today. Creche, a nonprofit organization, supports children in need and their families in the Jamestown area in many ways. All of Creche’s activities are performed by volunteers, and all funds that are raised throughout the year are used locally. To learn more, visit