Stanley Hose Co. Lists Donations

The Sherman Stanley Hose Company received several donations and memorials in February.


Jean Sheehan, Gary and Sue Nelson, Norm and Vicki Rater, *Grant Pearsoll, Ohlsson’s Repair, John Wolford, Mark Bemis, Jack and Roberta Freeman, Michael Thiem, Tracie Cederquist, Triple E Manufacturing, William Shreve, Howard Crump, Jeananne Graham, Paul and Patricia Blesi, Jay and Marianette Bowen, Lictus Keystone, Tom and Arlene Druzbik, *Gloria Finn, Howard and Rebecca Raven, *Floyd Griswold, Barbara Koepnick, Art and Judy Roberts, George and Brenda Carlson, James and Sally Webb, Irene Plumb

Jim and Rose VanVolkenburg, Art and Judy Roberts, George and Brenda Carlson, James and Sally Webb, Irene Plumb, Robert Bedow Repair, Doug and Carol, Greg Rater, Joyce Ayers, Jamie and Rosemary

Billquist, Mike and Barb Field, Ron Balducci, Garrett and Lisa Spitzer, Donna Thomas, Andy and Marilyn Jacobs, Minnie Cupp, Mark and Linda Lorenc, Norvel and Eleanor Auge, Hazel and John Aldridge, Johann Munger, Fred and Shelly Croscut. *Norm Neckers, Sherman Service Center, Jean Hanrahan, Marie Hanrahan, Jean Phelps, Bradley Smith, Perry and MaryJane Douglas, Doug and Joan Frey, Sherman’s Inn on Main, Dick and Karen Crane, Kraig Sweeney General Contracting, Janet O. Blatt, Franklin and Jill Carter, William and Lucy Greaney, Gordon Thomas Anderson,

Roger Reid and Jessie Griswold, Gordon and Marsha VanEvery, Westfield Family Physicians, Doris Ohlsson, Ronald Reed, Donna Kargas, Paul and Pam Fisher, Community Band N.A. Sherman, Bob and Joan Person, Ivan and Clara Miller, Andrew and Jen Eshelman, Tinyh Paws Big Heart Rescue, Larry and Brian Fardink, Joanne and Patrick Brennan, Alex and Nancy Palmer, Jim Mayshark, Mr. and Mrs. Michael Stravato, Joyce Smith, Dana and Randy Boland


Anna Hurst, Minnie Cupp, Norm and Carol Neckers, Gert Barringer, Anna Hurst


George Raven Howard and Becky Raven

Dorothy Chambers Jay and Marianette Bowen

Bessie Endress

Clayton Thiem

Michael Thiem

Helen Beckerink

Johann Munger

Millie Wassink

Bessie Endress

Jim and Rose VanVolkenburg

Mayville Senior Citizens

Marilyn Coe