Some Religion Feels Like Promotion Of Hate

To the Readers’ Forum:

This is in regards to “Pastor” Jeff Short’s letter on gay activists bullying.

Sir, it sounds more like a religious bullying more than anything. For a religion to promote love, it sounds more like the promotion of hate and this is one reason I will not believe in any religion.

My question is do you know any gays personally? I know a lot of gays and they don’t try to push their agenda. Like most other “minorities,” as they may be labeled today, they’re looking for the same rights so called normal married people have. Sexuality should never be an issue in any so called Christian organization. It was never a problem in our organization when my kids or brothers attended. Sex was always considered a taboo subject suitable for adults only. It sounds like the only one or ones who want to pervert it are people like you, who pick and choose from the Bible things you think need to be our moral compass. Forget about how women were treated as second rate citizens, or how slaves weren’t even citizens at all. Forget about the divorcees who have left their marriages for sexual indiscretions or other reasons. People choose to have affairs, people choose to divorce. One thing I am sure of is that gays don’t choose their lifestyles. Do you?

It was once thought that mentally challenged adults were a perversion and for this reason, were often castrated. Wasn’t their choice either.

Margie Sampson