Heather Gould Rolls 696

Heather Gould came close the 700 mark, firing a 248-227-221-696 for JBC Pro Shop to lead a trio of 600s at the JBC Barmore/Sellstrom/Mayville Diner Ladies Classic League at Jamestown Bowling Company on Monday night.

Following Gould was Dana Stanton with 243-234-659 for Catering Plus and Daryl Wadsworth with 213-305-606 for Chautauqua Landscape and Dock.

Also at JBC, Lyn McIntyre shot 222-213-595 for 5th Wheel, Donna Clark drilled a 204-204-588 for Catering Plus, JoAnn Brown hit 235-578 for Tupperware Home Parties and Ann Knepshield had 578 for Helpful Handyman.

Troy Beightol 247-234-225-706 for VSK Emporium in the VSK Emporium League at Frewsburg Lanes. Dan Walker had a 280 game.

Dean Kennelly rolled a 231-227-676 for Goodtime Saloon in the Jeremy’s Bel-View League at JBC while Bob Kaverman had a 277-668 for Bel-View and Bob Sager rolled a 258-646 for Bob’s Liquors.

Debbie Williams had a 255 at JBC.

Jamestown Bowling Company: JBC Monday Seniors League – Carl Ranier 560, Sam Lisciandro 208-521, Richard Franzen 511, Bud Sardi 209-507, Judy Parsons 416.

Monday Hot Shot Seniors – Chuck Stohlberg 566, Pat Walsh 204-525, Fran Walsh 482, Sharon Dowd 462, Joyce Sanders 450, Marian Amatuzzo 440, Ruth Eggleston 417, Deanna Schrader 414.

Barmore/Sellstrom-Mayville Diner Ladies Classic – Debbie Williams 568, Beth Sacilowski 209-564, Mary Gayton 201-554, Christy Cuifalo 208-549, Sue Bero 209-529, Bonnie Smith 527, LuAnn DeFrisco 523, Dawn Raynor 520, Jenna Hooper 516, Leda Peterson 503, Ronnie McClaran 486, Grace Wheeler 486, Lori Lassen 201-480.

Jeremy’s Bel-View League – Steve Ryberg 230-620, Howie McIntyre Sr. 232-614, Dana Albert 575.

Chris Sieber Memorial League – Gloria Martin 215-565, Debbie Latona 202-519, Laurie Gorgan 496.

Frewsburg Lanes: VSK Emporium League – Russ 222-223-221-666, Dan Walker 645.