Trustees To Appoint Celoron Mayor

CELORON – The next mayor of Celoron will be appointed at the meeting of the village trustees Monday, April 8.

Scott Schrecengost, Celoron trustee and deputy mayor, said there is no special procedure in appointing a new mayor. He said the board will nominate someone at its next meeting and then make the mayoral appointment.

Schrecengost, who is acting mayor, said if a trustee is selected, the new mayor will then appoint a village resident to be a trustee. The trustees can select someone who is not currently serving on the board to be the next mayor.

Schrecengost said if a Celoron resident is interested in being appointed mayor, they can send a letter of intent to village hall, 21 Boulevard Ave., Celoron.

”If someone wants to be involved in the community that would be great,” he said.

Once appointed, the mayor will finish the rest of the term. Former Mayor John ”Jack” Keeney’s two-year term was set to expire the first week of December. Keeney succumbed to cancer earlier this month. In the fall, a new mayor will be elected to a new two-year term.

Keeney had been mayor of the lakeside village since 2009. He was re-elected in 2011.

During his tenure, Keeney spearheaded events to bring the community together, especially for seniors and community youth. Keeney led efforts to improve Lucille Ball Memorial Park. He was still working on a waterfront revitalization project to add a boardwalk and to make other improvements to the park.

Schrecengost said, earlier this month, whoever is the next mayor will have ”big shoes” to fill following Keeney as mayor.

”He turned this into a full-time position instead of a part-time position,” he said.