Minimum Wage Should Go Down

To The Reader’s Forum:

If anything, minimum wage should go down, not up.

I have seen the prices of goods shoot up, and all the while the real cost of the service behind the good gets shoddier every year. There are those who’ll tell you that any change in the minimum wage will not affect anything. OK, then, why am I paying over $2 for a loaf of bread I use to get for less than a buck? “Back in my day”, as my grandfather would start, one wouldn’t ever have to leave his car to fill it. A worker would. And wash your windshield and check your oil. Gas prices loomed around a $1 a gallon. Yes there are othe factors in gas prices as well. In the day you would have a person who checked out your groceries, someone else bagged. Today, it’s the checker’s job to do both. And even check-out people are being phased out with self-serve lines.

Don’t ever let anyone tell you that raises in minimum wage jobs will not affect you. In the long run, they’ll find a way to reduce your hours and eventually let you go and then expect the rest of the staff pick up the slack within their shift.

Frank Casnov,