Jefferson Sixth-Graders Solve Math Puzzles From JCC Professors

Jefferson Middle School sixth-graders on Team Endeavor received a visit from JCC math professors Rick Rupprecht and Patrick Anderson. The professors helped Jefferson students develop their math skills by setting up math puzzles. The JCC mathematics faculty offers these math stations to elementary and middle schools in the Jamestown area.

“The students were very excited and enthusiastic during and after the activities,” said Jefferson teacher Stacey Dixson. “They liked working together as a team and finding multiple ways to solve the same problem. The puzzles also tie in with the Common Core Standards by encouraging problem solving and perseverance.”

The professors set up stations including: “Three Bean Salad” to practice ratios and proportions; “Tower of Hanoi” with the goal to identify patterns or formulas; “Find the Counterfeit Coin” computer game to “open” a combination lock; and puzzles such as Multiple Number and Pentagonal Number.

“I love math,” said Jefferson sixth-grader Morgan Tracy. “I liked doing the math puzzles because you use different skills than you use in class to figure out the answer to a problem. When you do a hands-on activity, it helps show you why you are getting the answer and it’s also faster to solve the problem.”