Christ Is?Real Symbol Of Victory

To The Reader’s Forum:

Tiger Woods, Nike and Jesus Christ. All of them symbolize victory. Tiger often wears a Nike cap while golfing.

The word “Nike” comes from the Greek goddess of victory. In 1 John 5:4, its word form nikao means ‘to conquer, overcome or prevail’. In the game of golf, Tiger is the man who conquers the traps, hazards and reads the greens with excellence. He has the heart, mind and work ethic of a champion.

Jesus Christ is also a victor. He never wore a Nike cap, but he always thought victory. He never drove a golf ball, but he drove evil out of people’s lives. He never read a green, but was able to read people’s lives and motives.

He never received any trophies or large paychecks. His greatest joy was not the applause of men but to conquer all of life’s traps and hazards. His perfect life qualified Him as sinless sacrifice for all of mankind at the cross. His victory continued when he rose from the dead.

Those who trust and follow Jesus will also become overcomers, not only in this life but in the next.

Tiger Woods knows the joy of taking the victory walk up the 18th hole as the crowd cheers. Even more, Jesus Christ deserves our adulation as we remember His victory walk up the Via Dolorosa to the cross and ultimately his victorious ascension to the portals of heaven.

Nike to you.

John Beckerink