Playing To The Crowd

The Jamestown Savings Bank Arena welcomed another round of comedians to their Arena Club on Friday night.

Mike Moses, a regional stand-up comedian hit the stage as the opening act, getting the crowd ready for headliner Quinn Patterson.

Patterson, a Cleveland native, had the audience laughing all night long, taking time to wander through the crowd to let the patrons know that he was there to entertain. With topics that ran the gamut from old-school rap to reality television and everything in between, Patterson did his best to keep the audience involved throughout his set.

“This was my first time ever coming to Jamestown in my life, but I thought it was great,” said Patterson. “I haven’t had a chance to experience much of the city, but the crowd was great, which is cool for me. I think this was really nice, and I got to meet a lot of interesting people. Everyone here was cool and they showed a lot of good hospitality.”

The audience seemed to love Patterson’s ability to riff off of whatever answers they gave to his questions, which also gave the show an element of surprise. At one point, scanning the Arena Club, Patterson noted it’s resemblance to the clubs on cruise ships and broke out into song, belting the theme of “Love Boat” from the staircase.

“It’s always funny at first because there’s that element of the unknown,” said Patterson. “Once I hit the stage and start communicating with people, though, everything relaxes. That’s what it’s about, as far as comedy. I don’t look at it as anything other than me going up there and doing my job, which is to be funny.”

When asked if he’d come back to Jamestown if given the opportunity, Patterson seemed hopeful that he would be given the opportunity.

“You better believe I’d come back if they invited me,” he said. “I’m hoping that I did a good enough job for the Arena to want to bring me back. I want these crowds to have a good time, and if we can keep this show going then that’s what we’re really looking for.”

According to Justin Lindell, owner of The Q and one of the individuals that helped make Wits n’ Giggles a reality, there may be opportunities in the future to expand the offerings of the event.

“I think it’ll get to the point that we’re going to have to do two shows on Fridays,” said Lindell. “The crowds really seem to get into it, so we might look at doing a second show earlier in the day.”

Each Friday, the comedy series offers hours of entertainment complete with hostesses and servers making their way through the room to take food and beverage orders. Doors open at 6 p.m. with food and drink service beginning at 6:30 p.m. and the shows kicking off at 7 p.m. The series is an 18 and over event with a two drink minimum.

Tickets for Wits n’ Giggles can be purchased presale for $8 or on the day of the show for $12 at the Jamestown Savings Bank Arena Box Office. For more information about the comedy series, contact the arena at 484-2624 or visit